The time is now or never to start shopping for the best Motorola Moto X case for you, and we've chosen a handful of staff and community favorites to help you make your decision.

While the Motorola Moto X is still relatively fresh from its release across multiple carriers, the selection of cases is still pretty minimal. That's not to say that there aren't great cases and covers for the Moto X currently available, because there certainly are. And we're going to dive right in to some of those after the break.

What's the Best Motorola Moto X case for you?

A rather broad question, isn't it? What you should really consider are the demands of your lifestyle. If you're someone who works outside majority of the day, you'll want a case that offers full protection against  the elements. More of the casual user on a budget? Custom skin cases could be a sufficient option for you. Start deciding what demands need to be met and choosing the perfect Motorola Moto X case becomes less of a challenge.

Most Popular Cases for Motorola Moto X

Moto X Skin Case When it comes to minimal protection, it doesn't get any more basic than a skin case for the Moto X. Easy to install, remove and they add hardly any bulk to your already-slim device.

The Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case is made of a thin TPU that wraps around your phone to protect the back, edges and provides access to the important stuff such as the screen, camera, ports and buttons.

In addition, there's some cool Android circuitry designs on the back that really give this Moto X skin case a custom look.

Moto X Hard Case If you don't prefer the look and feel of a skin, a durable hard case for the Moto X fits the bill quite nicely as a protective and affordable replacement.

A staff favorite, the Moto X Hard Shell Case by Mobi features a simple snap-on design that keeps a low-profile and takes a beating when necessary. It's comfortable to hold thanks to the soft coating and has all the appropriate cutouts for accessibility. Did we mention it comes in five fetching colors?

Moto X Hybrid Case Hybrid cases for the Moto X take protection to the next level with their dual-layers and rugged looks.

The Seidio ACTIVE Case is one of the most popular Moto X hybrid cases in the community. A combination of impact absorbing polymer and strong polycarbonate make this case a benchmark in drop protection.

Notably one of the key features of this case is its magnetic, retractable kickstand which can be used for comfortably viewing media in landscape mode. A must-have for the avid outdoor user.

Moto X Holster When convenience outweighs protection, a custom holster for the Moto X provides quick and easy access right at your side; without digging in your pockets when you get a call or text.

The Moto X Spring Clip Holster by Seidio offers a face-in design with a soft felt lining to protect your display and a strong rotatable clip that allows you to wear your device in either portrait or landscape position. Simple, convenient and sturdy.

Moto X Waterproof Case Nothing's more unnerving than using your device on the beach or poolside. Having a quality waterproof case for your Moto X is always a safe bet.

The OverBoard Waterproof Case keeps your Moto X completely free of water damage and even enables you to use your touchscreen and camera while inside the case. What's even cooler is it's submersible up to depths of 19ft!

Wrap up

Now that you've had a brief look at some of our most popular Motorola Moto X cases and covers you can better decide which level suits you best. We're always adding more Moto X cases over at so drop in anytime to check out our stock!

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