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Now that Fall has arrived, parents are looking for the best kids masks for back to school. And we're not all talented enough, nor have the time, to make our own face masks at home. As you scour the Internet, you'll realize that there is a ton of choice out there and it can be overwhelming. Do you get reusable or disposable? Fun patterns and designs or plain? And what size is right? We've gathered some great options to consider, and there's something for everyone.

Purian Kids Face Mask

Young & old: Purian Kids Face Mask

Staff pick

Sometimes, it's easiest to go simple and these solid-colored masks come in a pack of two with adjustable elastic ear straps that allow them to fit young and older kids, as well as adults. They have three layers of washable anti-microbial fabric.

$15 at Amazon
Jool Disposable Kids Face Masks

One-time use: Jool Baby EZ Breezy Kids Disposable Face Masks

If you prefer the disposable route, these masks come 50 to a box and fit kids aged 4-12. The breathable, soft fabric provides three layers of protection but won't irritate the child's skin, nor will the soft ear loops. Plus, the flexible metallic band ensures a snug fit over the nose. Grab a box every few months and the kids will be set for the school year.

$24 at Amazon
EnerPlex face mask

Just the basics: EnerPlex Premium Kids Mask

With three in a pack, you can get sizes from small for young kids (about 3-9) up to extra-large for high schoolers. The three-ply masks are made of a breathable polyester and cotton blend, are machine washable, and come in three solid color options.

$19 at Amazon
Crayola Kids Face Mask

Kindie-friendly: Crayola Kids Face Mask

Perfect for a child just starting kindergarten, these high quality solid-colored masks come in a pack of five, with one color for each day of school. Made of dual layer fabric with a nose clip, they are machine washable, and even come with a handy mash laundry bag. They measure 7-by-4.5 inches, offering full coverage for the lower face.

$38 at Amazon
Meakeize Kids Bandana Face Mask

Bandana-style: Meakeize Kids Sibling Bandanas Face Mask

Prefer the bandana-style face masks? These come two in a pack and are made of microfiber polyester that's stretchy, moisture-wicking, breathable, and offers UPF 50+ UV protection against the sun. They are suitable for kids aged 4-12.

$13 at Amazon
Wild Republic Wild Smiles Face Mask

Fun designs: Wild Republic Wild Smiles Face Mask

Kids will love these adorable two-ply 5.25-by-3.75-inch masks that are made from polyester and cotton and feature fabric printed with half-face images of cute animals like a crocodile, giraffe, tiger, or snake, as well as other fun designs and patterns. They are totally washable and come with flexible non-elastic fabric ear straps, but no metal nose piece.

$8 at Amazon
Weddingstar Kids Cloth Face Mask

Taking a bite: Weddingstar Kid's Washable Cloth Face Mask

While the shark tooth design will grab any kid's attention, these are other designs and solid colors to choose from. These 6-by-5-inch masks come with adjustable ear straps and five layers of protection. Inside is a sleeve to insert disposable PM2.5 filters, which you can buy separately if desired. Made of breathable cotton and rayon, the machine washable masks also have a flexible wire nose band.

$13 at Amazon
Buttonsmith Youth Adjustable Face Mask

Keep it safe: Buttonsmith Youth Cotton Adjustable Face Mask

Parents might worry their child will lose their mask or grab the wrong one. This mask, designed for kids aged 6-12, employs a super clever design with a neck strap at the back to hold the mask when you aren't wearing it. With two breathable layers, the U.S.-made mask is washable, includes adjustable ear loops, and has a pocket for filters.

$15 at Amazon
Popfunk Batman Blue Sky Face Mask

Be a superhero: PopFunk Batman Blue Sky Face Mask

Let your kid be their own superhero with this polyester mask that features the popular Batman character on the front. Officially licensed and made in the U.S., the 5-by-3.5-inch mask offers a single layer of protection and comes with elastic ear loops.

Popfunk Donuts Rainbows Unicorns Face Mask

Rainbows and unicorns: PopFunk Donuts Rainbows & Unicorns Pattern Face Mask

How could confectionary treats, fictional horses, and beautiful colors not make a child feel amazing and ready to tackle the day? This mood-boosting mask is made in the U.S. from polyester, has elastic ear loops, and measures 5-by-3.5 inches.

That Healthy Skin Glow Cotton Covering

Breathe easy: The Healthy Skin Glow Cotton Covering

Some kids (and parents) prefer a mask with a built-in breathing valve like this one that comes with eight activated carbon filters for further protection. These large masks, which come two in a pack, will fit kids aged 4-14, are made from cotton, washable, and have adjustable straps and a nose bridge.

$10 at Amazon
Wesgen Disposable Face Mask Kids

Throwaways: Wesgen Disposable Mouth Filters

Stock up on a box of these each month and get anti-dust protection from the three layers of non-woven and melt-blown fabric. With an elastic band to secure them around the ears, the 5.7-by-3.74-inch masks are suitable for kids aged 4-14 and come vacuum-packed until you're ready to pop the box open.

$10 at Amazon

Grab the best kids masks for back to school

There really is an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to not only what type of mask to get your child for back to school, but also what design, style, and color.

Keep it simple with a mask like the Purian Kids Face Mask, which can adjust to fit kids of all ages. The one issue I found when looking for masks for my son was that it was tough to tell if they'd fit. So having a large size of fabric as well as adjustable ear loops really helps. And parents will appreciate the anti-microbial material, especially for kids who have allergies and/or sensitive skin, the three layers of protection, and the fact that you get two in a pack. Not to mention that they're pretty affordable and very well-reviewed.

For younger kids, while the Crayola Kids Face Masks are on the expensive side, you get five in a pack plus a mesh laundry bag (these are ideal for washing them in the machine on a delicate cycle to ensure the straps don't get caught in the drum). And the five colors will make it a fun game for kids, who can learn to associate a different color mask with each day of the week.

While I'm more on the side of reusable masks for the sake of the environment, it's not a bad idea to have disposable masks around as backups in case you haven't had the chance to wash the reusable masks yet. The EZ Breezy Kids Disposable Face Masks come with 50 in a box that will last for you for some if you don't use them every day. And the flexible metallic band on the nose area will ensure a snug fit, whether it's a 6-year-old wearing one or a 16-year-old.

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