Best Forehead Thermometers Android Central 2020

Forehead thermometers are a gentle way to take anyone's temperature, and they're especially useful for sick children. This type of thermometer is accurate, fast, and less intrusive than using an oral thermometer. With so many options, which should you choose? Let us help.

A no-touch option: GoodBaby Infrared Thermometer

Staff pick

Three ultrasensitive sensors work together to give the most accurate readings possible. This multi-mode thermometer from GoodBaby supports forehead and ear readings and also takes room and object temperatures. You can store up to 35 readings and recall them at any time to stay on top of illnesses. The body of this infrared thermometer is ergonomically designed and comfortable to hold, and the screen lights up so you can check body temps in the dark of night or light of day.

A silent thermometer: iHealth PT3

Most digital thermometers beep to alert you that your temperature is ready to be read, which can be an issue if you don't want to wake a sleeping child. The iHealth PT3 vibrates gently to alert you when a reading is complete. With a readable LED-backlit screen and fast one-second results, this is a reliable, quiet model that does everything right.

Consistently reliable: iProven DMT-511

The dual-mode model from iProven does forehead and ear temperatures. The iProven boasts top of the line calibration and delivers on accuracy, reliability, and speed. Get a temperature of foreheads, ears, and objects with this model. The iProven comes with a carry bag and is just the right size for a First Aid Kit or medicine cabinet.

Easiest to hold: Thermobio Forehead Thermometer

This Thermobio model shaped like a gun and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, making it one of the easiest grab-and-go thermometers on our list. It requires no contact with the skin, so you can take accurate readings without disturbing someone who may be resting. Results can be seen clearly on a backlit LCD, and this model saves up to 32 measurements so you can track an illness's progression.

Results in one second: Berrcom Forehead Thermometer

With a no-contact design, the Berrcom forehead thermometer takes precise readings from one to two inches away from the forehead. Infrared technology scans and measures body temperature, giving you a readout on a backlit LCD. This four-function model keeps 32 readings in memory, has a fever alarm, and produces results in just one second. It can also take the temperature of surfaces and objects around your home.

Fast reading: Metene Instant Digital Forehead Thermometer

The futuristic-looking thermometer from Metene uses a German Hyman thermoelectric reactor sensor and is proven to be accurate within 0.1 degrees. You can switch between forehead and ear readings as needed. A transparent display at the back of the thermometer is well-lit but doesn't disturb resting children. Smart!

Get the most accurate temperature reading

We love forehead thermometers. Not only do they deliver faster results than oral thermometers, but they're less intrusive. That means you can keep an eye on fevers even while someone is getting some much-needed shuteye.

Our favorite is the infrared forehead and ear thermometer from GoodBaby. It's fast, accurate, and recalls up to 35 readings.

If you want a forehead thermometer that vibrates instead of beeps, nothing beats this model from iHealth. It gently vibrates when a temperature is ready to read, and it's small enough to fit in any First Aid Kit.

When speed is of the essence, reach for the Metene Thermometer. It can ready body temperature on the forehead and in the ear, and it spits out results in just one second.

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