Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

As we break into 2014 fulfilling all those personal resolutions made to ourselves and each other, the folks here at propose that another resolution be made: Grant your Samsung Galaxy S4 some new and improved protection!

It's out with the old and in with the new, this year. Join us past the break to check out what's in store for your Galaxy S4.

Best Skin Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

Skin cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 are extremely popular for their affordability, flexibility and variety of designs and colors. The top 3 skins we've selected for the Galaxy S4 include the Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case, Puregear GripTek Impact Case and the iSkin Claro Case. Each of these skin cases have their own level of thickness and durability, also leaving complete access to the display, camera, buttons and ports. You can choose from a glossy, rugged or custom designed exterior; there's a case that fits everyone's taste.

Best Hard Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

You can always get quality protection in a slim form factor with most hard cases for the Galaxy S4. While some are bulkier than others, your decision will ultimately depend on what you're up against in terms of your daily routine. The top 3 hard cases for the Galaxy S4 that have made the cut include the Puregear Gamer Case, Swiss-Case Glacier Case and the popular Seidio SURFACE Case (with kickstand). Take your pick from eye-catching, custom designs to unique puzzles built right into the case.

Best Holsters for Samsung Galaxy S4

Wear them when you're working or commuting, Galaxy S4 holsters stay clipped to your belt, pocket or purse at all times. Designed with incredibly durable belt clips, these top 3 holsters for the Galaxy S4 stand up against rugged conditions, keeping your device secured, no matter the activity. Our highest rated choices include the Seidio Spring-Clip Holster, SURFACE Holster and ACTIVE Holster. You can choose to clip in your Galaxy S4 naked or while protected in a Seidio SURFACE or ACTIVE Case (sold separately). Each holster accommodates the Galaxy S4 face-in, so your display stays scratch free.

Best Flip Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

Flip cases are a brilliant solution to keeping your Galaxy S4 protected against normal wear and tear. Some can be folded into personal viewing stands while others feature custom storage slots for keeping money, credit cards, receipts and more. The 3 best Galaxy S4 flip cases from include the Samsung S-View Flip Cover, Story Leather Side Flip Wallet Case and the Revjams FlipBack HG Smart Case. You'll find that each case features superb quality and unique characteristics that make them desirable for many Galaxy S4 owners.

Best Hybrid Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

Designed to offer the ultimate level of protection against damage, hybrid cases for the Galaxy S4 combine hard and soft materials to absorb impacts and keep scratches from ever meeting your device. Our top 3 hybrid cases for Galaxy S4 include the Swiss-Case Alpine Case, Seidio ACTIVE Case (with kickstand) and the Trident Aegis Case. Each of these hybrid cases are fairly similar in thickness, yet vary drastically in appearance. No matter which case you choose, all three have proven themselves to be reliable in their own regard.

Wrap up

Now's the time to pick up the protection you need for the new year! We've laid out our best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 chosen by our customers and staff, leaving you with the decision of what style and color to pick. Keep in mind: we're always adding new products to the store, so feel free to see our entire selection of cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 anytime!