Best Cases for Galaxy Note 3

Chances are you've picked up a case (or two) for your Galaxy Note 3 since you've upgraded to your new device. Or maybe you're still rocking that 5.7-inch display naked. Either way we're not here to judge you. What we are here to do is bring you up to speed on the most popular cases for the Galaxy Note 3 chosen by customers and staff at A little extra information to possibly steer you into some better protection never hurt, right? Jump past the break to dive in.

Galaxy Note 3 Skin Cases

Best Skin Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Nearly everyone's used a skin case on one device or another. These flexible silicone covers are most commonly used for casual protection; just to have something between your device and the surface it collides with. Our top 3 skin cases for the Galaxy Note 3 include the Cruzerlite Androidified Clone Army Case, A2 TPU Case and the Bugdroid Circuit Case. Made from shock-absorbing TPU, these skin cases elevate the Note 3 from flat surfaces while faced down and feature a variety of custom designs and colors to choose from.

Galaxy Note 3 Hard Cases

Best Hard Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The next step in drop protection, these Galaxy Note 3 hard cases are made to stand up against minor impacts and provide a slim form without adding any extra bulk. Our top 5 hard cases for the Galaxy Note 3 include the Seidio SURFACE Case (with kickstand), Mobi Hard Shell Case, Incipio Feather SHINE Case, Case-Mate Carbon Case and the Cruzerlite DNA Case. These hard cases all have their own unique characteristics which make them so popular, whether it be attractive design, affordability or accessibility.

Galaxy Note 3 Holsters

Best Holsters for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Perfect for the on-the-go user, holsters for the Galaxy Note 3 give you quick and easy access at all times while your device is clipped to your side. While some hold your Note 3 naked, others can accommodate the phone while wearing a case for extra protection. The top 3 holsters for the Galaxy Note 3 include the Seidio Spring Clip Holster, SURFACE Holster and DILEX Holster. The belt clips on each of these popular choices are strong enough to keep your Note 3 secured to your belt or pocket, no matter the activity.

Galaxy Note 3 Hybrid Cases

Best Hybrid Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Packed with dual-layers and enhanced impact protection, Galaxy Note 3 hybrid cases are top-notch for users seeking the most protection possible. Some of these style cases have more bulk than others, but are generally not very excessive. The top 5 hybrid cases for Galaxy Note 3 include the Seidio DILEX Case (with kickstand), Urban Armor Gear Composite Hybrid Case, Incipio DualPro SHINE Case, Cruzerlite SPI-Force Case and the Trident Cyclops Case. Each of these hybrid cases feature an inner layer of silicone with an impact resistant shell on top, providing you with edge to edge protection.


Finding the best case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 can be extremely simple as long as you know the level of protection you're comfortable with and how you prefer to keep your device with you (belt, pocket, purse). Keep in mind there's always plenty of new Galaxy Note 3 cases being added over at, so feel free to drop in and browse our extensive selection!