Nexus 5 skin cases

We've selected the best skins, holsters, hybrids, hard cases and flip cases for the Nexus 5 from that have proven themselves in protecting against damage while adding some extra style at the same time. Jump past the break to check out the entire selection.

Nexus 5 skin cases

They're stretchy, shock-absorbing and tend to come in a variety of colors; perfect for those who have a particular taste. These top 3 Nexus 5 skin cases add minimal bulk and complete access to the functions of the device. The Incipio NGP Impact Resistant Case is the thickest of the bunch, featuring a smooth matte finish on the back. The Bugdroid Circuit Case sports custom circuitry designs embedded on the back with a glossy trim. Finally, the Androidified A2 TPU Case has a large print of Andy, combining a soft and glossy exterior with textured side grips. Each skin stands out and has its own personality while protecting against minor drops.

Best Hard Cases for LG Nexus 5

When skin cases just don't cut it for you, and you want that feeling of having a solid plastic barrier in your hands without the excess bulk, a hard case for the Nexus 5 is your best bet. The Seidio SURFACE Case slides together around your device with a built-in kickstand on the back for a convenient media-viewing experience. Next we have the MYBAT Hard Shell: simplistic in design, affordable, smooth to the touch and colorful. Lastly, the Amzer Snap On Case provides a completely textured exterior with a slide-out kickstand that folds in flush when not in use.

Nexus 5 holsters

Designed to be clipped securely to your belt or pocket, these Nexus 5 holsters will ensure your device stays at your side through thick and thin. The Seidio SURFACE Holster accommodates your Nexus 5 while wearing a SURFACE Case (sold separately) and can be worn in several different positions. Its close relative, the Seidio DILEX Holster holds your device with a DILEX Case on, also available separately, and features a felt interior to protect from scratches with a tough top clip that keeps the Nexus 5 from falling out. You can even pick up the case and holster combo for both models and save 25%, rather than purchasing them separately.

Nexus 5 flip cases

Why not combine your wallet with your phone case and free-up some of that pocket space? These popular Nexus 5 flip cases do just that and then some. The Seidio LEDGER Flip case, for instance, is made of an Italian polyurethane with hard shell backing for complete protection from front to back. There's even a storage slot for keeping an ID or credit card. Another favorite is the Cruzerlite Intelligent Wallet, featuring two storage slots, a synthetic leather exterior and a shock-absorbing TPU core. These flip cases provide the Nexus 5 with convenience and security.

Nexus 5 hybrid cases

Packed with two layers of protection, these Nexus 5 hybrid cases stand up to some of the ugliest impacts. More importantly, the device comes out unharmed on the other side. The Ballistic Shell Gel is the brute of the bunch, featuring double-thick corners, a TPU inner core and a textured polycarbonate shell to keep it all together. Rearth's Ringke Fusion Case is a little more low-profile with a transparent plastic backing and TPU edging that comes in an assortment of colors to pick from. The Seidio DILEX Case, however, is revered for its polycarbonate 'exoskeleton' with magnetic kickstand on top of a silicone core. Great choices for heavy drop protection.

Wrap up

Why put off properly protecting your Nexus 5 with one of these popular cases? Seal the deal and grab one of your favorite color! If these particular cases don't suit your needs, check out our entire selection of Nexus 5 cases at, which we're always adding to.