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With the discontinuation of Adobe Flash for Android, the BBC has had to look elsewhere for a video streaming solution on the platform. Its iPlayer media streaming service is heavily reliant on the desktop, and when Flash launched on Android in 2010, it was at the heart of the mobile iPlayer experience, too.

Today sees the corporation take its first steps into the post-Flash world, with the launch of its own stand-alone Media Player add-on for Android. The BBC Media Player can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, and it springs into life whenever BBC video content needs to be played, for example through the iPlayer mobile site. There's still some way left to go before the BBC's new home-grown app takes over all video-playing duties on Android. The iPlayer mobile app is still unsupported on Jelly Bean, and the BBC news and sports websites still default to Flash for playback (although the BBC says it's working to more closely integrate the new player with all its multimedia content). Nevertheless, being able to run iPlayer content on the web without sideloading Flash is an important first step.

If you're in the UK, you can grab the BBC Media Player app for free from the Google Play button above.