Samsung Galaxy Tab NOOK

Earlier today we learned that Barnes & Noble and Samsung were teaming up for a tablet called the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. It will be a Nook-branded tablet based off the 7-inch version of the Galaxy Tab 4. In an SEC filing, we've also just learned that Barnes & Noble will will purchase a minimum of one million tablets. That's a lot of tablets. We gleamed a few more details about the upcoming project as well, so read on past the break for more details.

A 8-K filing revealed additional details of the deal between Barnes & Noble and Samsung. In it, we learn that at least one million tablets will be purchased by Barnes & Noble, while Samsung will pony up an undisclosed amount of funding to help market the Nook-branded tablet.

The devices will be branded as 'Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK'. Barnes & Noble has not only selected to use the 7-inch version of the Galaxy Tab 4, but will also use the 10-inch version according to the SEC filing. Each size will come in two SKUs, one black and the other white. The 7-inch version will launch first, with the 10-inch tablet coming about sixty days later.

Barnes & Noble doesn't have to buy all million tablets at once. Instead it just has to buy at least 1,000,000 within the first twelve months after the launch.

Would anyone be interested in a Nook-branded Galaxy Tab 4? Sound off below.

Source: SEC, Via: GigaOM

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