Music is a huge part of my daily life, whether at a computer, driving in my car, or sitting waiting for the next meeting music is always playing.  I have used Pandora or Slacker off and on, as loading a media card is a bit of pain. Then I stumbled across AudioGalaxy, a cloud storage application that allows easy access to all your music while on the go.  With large music selections it can be hard to manage and find the song you are looking for easily, but with this application the process is extremely easy.

Whether you are a Mac or PC the process is quite simple, and takes just a few minutes to set up before your music is imported. Simply visit to sign up for an account, it will then have you download an application which will then search your computer for all DRM-free music and begin to import it immediately. The music is organized by artist, and can be sorted by album if chosen and play lists can be created right from your computer and seen on the free Android application. Whether you have a large music collection that you don't want to put on your media card, or just want an easy way to manage your music on your computer and listen to it easily while on the go, this application is simply put as a must have. Download links after the break.