Samsung Galaxy S6 edge users on AT&T may have already noticed an update hitting their device, but unfortunately it is not Android 5.1.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge on AT&T receiving small update

Just a few days ago AT&T pushed a small update to Galaxy S6 users, and a similar sized update is now hitting the Galaxy S6 edge. The update is around 236MB in size, and is still Android 5.0.2. AT&T has updated their software page with information about the new update.

Included in this update is:

  • Battery performance enhancement
  • HD Voice enhancement
  • Screen enhancements
  • AT&T Message enhancement
  • Screen rotation enhancement
  • Power key press time from .5sec to 1.5sec
  • Other various performance enhancements

If you have already received the update, head into the forums and let us know if you have found anything new, improved, or broken.

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Source: AT&T