Samsung Galaxy S5

If you have a Galaxy S5 on AT&T, today's the day you start checking your phone for an update. The carrier has started pushing out a 142.8MB update to phones today that fixes a whole bunch of things, including security patches, app install enhancements and UX fixes for the email app. The full list of improvements and fixes, according to AT&T's support pages:

  • Security updates and patches
  • Application installation enhancements
  • Accidental emergency dial fixed on the lock screen
  • Several lower layer modem crashes and sluggishness improvement enhancements
  • E-mail UX enhancements
  • S-View cover error
  • Re-activation lock improvements

If you haven't yet received the update, be on the lookout now that it's rolling out to everyone. Once you have received it, be sure to hop into the forums and let others know how the phone's working after the update.

Source: AT&T Support; Galaxy S5 Forums

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