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AppBrain, which is a well-known curator and recommendation engine for Android apps, has launched a new service dedicated to providing the community with useful statistics. Simply called AppBrain Android Stats, it will allow users to view intriguing statistics about the number of apps in the Market, how many are available by category, which device is used most often and much more. 

As you can see from the graphic above, the Android Market currently offers about 150,000 applications and has grown immensely since last year. AppBrain also has a filter that will detect what they deem as "low-quality" apps, which puts the current total at right around 60,000. 

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The most popular device used to access AppBrain is the Samsung Galaxy S at 14.5 percent, followed by the HTC EVO with 9.7 percent. 

Many wondered what AppBrain would do after the web-based Android Market was announced, but a collection of statistics such as these are wildly useful and will only be more so with continued growth. [AppBrain]

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