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    Restaurants used to ask you to fill out a comment card on your table. Nowadays, if a restaurant asks for feedback, it wants you to rate it on Yelp. And with the Yelp app, you could do it while the flavors and service are still fresh in your mind

    While Yelp is most commonly associated with finding good places to eat, Yelp allows you to rate many other establishments, too, like hotels, dive bars, and gas stations. It’s an interesting app to use not only while in unfamiliar territory, but in your own backyard, as well. With their augmented reality feature, Monocle, You can hold the phone up as you’re walking around and have ratings overlayed on the businesses you pass by, though we would advise against actually walking while using it.

    It can filter searches based on proximity and what’s open now, so when searching for late-night munchies after a pub crawl, you will only be steered to somewhere that’s actually still serving. Once you see a restaurant you like, you can place reservations in Yalp via OpenTable, and then you can share the restaurant on Facebook or Twitter to guide any party members there. Businesses can also offer coupons and specials through Yelp, so make sure to check your restaurant before you head out.


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    Yelp is tackling gender neutral bathroom discovery in its latest update

    It's a simple feature, but it will make a huge impact for some. Yelp, the first big name in discovering restaurants near you that offer exactly what you're craving, has made several significant moves in the name of inclusion and acceptance recently. It was one of the few apps that lets you know...
    Yelp gets in on the Pokémon Go action with its own PokéStop filter

    Yelp gets in on the Pokémon Go action with its own PokéStop filter

    Yelp just got a little more helpful to all of your Pokémon trainers out there. The service will now let you know which restaurants have Pokémon Go PokéStops nearby. The new capability is part of Yelp's filter options. From Yelp: As you head into a weekend full of wild Zubats and...
    Amazon Echo gets friendly with local businesses thanks to Yelp integration

    Amazon Echo gets friendly with local businesses thanks to Yelp integration

    The Amazon Echo continues to add to its capabilities, and it can now tell you where to find exactly what you're looking for. Now featuring integration with Yelp, Echo can give you the name of the top-rated local pharmacy, or the hours of the closest pizza shop. In order to use the new Yelp...

    Yelp buys Eat24 to make ordering takeout on your phone easier

    The online reviews company Yelp has acquired the popular restaurant ordering and takeout app Eat24. Yelp paid a total of $134 million for the company, with $75 million in cash and the rest in Yelp stock. Eat24, which allows users to order food from over 30,000 restaurants in 1,500 US cities and...
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    Waze 3.0 brings Yelp, Foursquare integration

    Youtube link for mobile viewing Waze this morning has taken the wraps off Version 3.0, which brings Foursquare and Yelp integration to the Android navigation app. It's also bringing a new minimal user interface, and social location stack, meaning more community-currated information than ever. We've...

    Android Quick App: Yelp

    Chances are, most of you have heard of (and probably used) Yelp. Whether it's been their initial online presence, their myriad phone apps, or just a friend raving about it, Yelp is the top dog in finding delicious eateries on-the-go. Opening up the Android app, you'll notice six large, friendly...
    Android on summer vacation

    Summer vacation: Top 5 apps to have

    The days are hot, the sun is high in the sky, and that can only mean one thing: summer is right around the corner. But summer also means road trips, vacations, and all sorts of other unwinding from the tedium of non-summer life. Wondering about the best apps to arm yourself with? Don't worry, we've...

    Best Android apps for holiday travel

    It's Thanksgiving week -- the busiest holiday travel week of the year. And that means fighting through thousands of people, dealing (ahem) with security and finally, once you get to where you're going, dealing (ahem) with family.Android makes it easier. Maybe not painless, but easier. Uncle Fred's...

    First up in Facebook's single sign-on: Zynga, Groupon, Loopt, scvngr, Yelp, Flixter, Booyah

     Single sign-on is at the heart of today's Facebook announcement, and Zynga Poker is first on board -- and is coming to Android. You can see in the blurry screen shot above that there's a big "Login with Facebook" button. And that's how it'll work. You'll be logged into Facebook on your phone, then...

    Yelp 2.0 brings monocle and checkins to its Android client

    Yelp has brought their 2.0 Android client to the Market, and it has some very nice features in tow.  You can now check in to the places Yelp helps you find, and use "monocle" (an augmented virtual reality layer of sorts) to help you find them.  These two features were sorely missed in the previous...

    Yelp gets update, allows you to upload your own photos

    Yelp's Android application has been available for just a couple weeks, but already we're seeing some promised features start to roll in. An update to Version 1.2 just hit our phones. And with it comes the following:Log-ins: The ability to log-in to your Yelp profile via Android.Upload photos: Take...

    Yelp For Android Is Finally Available !

     We love food. We love Yelp. And most of all, we love yelping for food. Thankfully, we can finally do just that on our Android phones. Yelp has just released their Yelp for Android app that'll use location services to search nearby businesses and display reader reviews. According to Yelp:By...

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