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    Yahoo Aviate Launcher

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    • Vendor: Yahoo
    • Version: Varies with device
    • Price: Free

    Yahoo Aviate isn't a traditional launcher but rather a homescreen replacement. There's no upkeep, no real messing around to see that everything's in its proper place. This app will do all of that for you, organizing both your homescreen and your apps to make them more timely and hopefully more useful to you at any given time. It's designed to help you stop digging through a cluttered app drawer for a particular app and show information that you'll need, like your morning commute time, or upcoming appointments at work, or media apps and widgets when you're using headphones.

    Yahoo Aviate isn't exactly a seamless transition from a previous launcher, and it may take a few days to get used to, but the longer you use it, the more Yahoo Aviate will adapt to you habits and your life. Swipe functionality in Yahoo Aviate also changes with your homescreen throughtout the day, but a few gestures stay the same, such as swiping up to see your most frequent contacts.

    Aviate started as a launcher under ThumbsUp Labs, but was bought by Yahoo and renamed as the Yahoo Aviate Launcher at the beginning of 2014.

    Yahoo Aviate is free, and if you're willing to give it a few days to grow on you, it just might surprise you.


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    Yahoo Aviate

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    The Yahoo Aviate launcher for Android got updated today in the Google Play Store with a number of new features, chief among theme some new search functions that should make it easy to search for things directly on a smartphone homescreen. Yahoo states: Search on Aviate is your gateway to...
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    Yahoo Aviate data shows 95 apps are installed on the average Android device

    New information collected by the Yahoo Aviate app shows that a typical Android device has an average of 95 apps installed, but that only 35 of them are actually used each day. The Yahoo Aviate app offers users collections of their installed Android apps based on different types of activities...
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    Yahoo Aviate review

    Aviate is a popular launcher acquired by Yahoo earlier in its development, and through a short closed beta, it's become a very mature option for those looking for a polished overall Android experience. The main gist of it is that Aviate builds collections of your apps based on different types of...
    Aviate anticipatory launcher leaves beta for all

    Aviate anticipatory launcher leaves beta for all

    Yahoo has relaunched Aviate, the Android home screen replacement software that it acquired in January, adding in a number of new features. The app also gets a slight name change to Yahoo Aviate for its reboot. Among its many new features are "favorite" which are supposed to automatically...

    Aviate gets support for icon packs

    Yahoo's Aviate launcher (you do remember that Yahoo bought it, right?) today announced that it now supports icon packs. In fact, it supports the same icon packs you're used to with other launchers, including ADW, Apex Launcher, LauncherPro or Nova. Dive into the settings menu, hit "Set icon pack...

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    Yahoo acquires intelligent home screen replacement Aviate

    Yahoo has announced that they have acquired the "intelligent" replacement home screen application Aviate. The app, which is still in a private beta status, uses data and metrics of how and where you use your phone to decide what content to display. the result may or may not be as useful as setting...

    Aviate isn't 'spying' on anyone, it's just being sloppy with your data

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