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    • Vendor: ESPN Inc
    • Version: 2.5.1
    • Price: Free

    If you watch sports, and you want to watch sports on the go, you're going to watch to, erm, watch the WatchESPN app for Android. There's a fair bit of free video available. But connecting with your cable or satellite account opens up a world of live feeds. Basketball, golf, football, baseball — whatever, basically — you'll be able to watch a good bit of it live.

    ESPN also serves up some of its original content, including individual interviews.

    Closed captioning is also available should you need it — a nice accessibility option.


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    WatchESPN brings a sports explosion to your Android TV

    The WatchESPN app is now rolling out to a number of Android TV products, allowing sports fans with a cable TV subscription access to tons of video and content. It will also be included on all new Nexus Players going forward. ESPN says the app will offer live streaming of all of the company's...
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    On-demand highlights and news available even without cable subscription What some would call a long-overdue update to the WatchESPN app has finally arrived, and it seems to have been worth the wait. While the previous version was certainly functional, it was far from attractive or a joy to use....

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    ESPN has finally released an Android version of their WatchESPN app, which allows users to watch ESPN on their mobile device wherever they are.The app allows consumers to watch content from ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3 and ESPN U. In order to use the app, you must download the latest version of Adobe Air....

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