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    • Vendor: Vine Labs
    • Version: 6.0.0
    • Price: Free

    Owned by Twitter and initially an iOS only affair, Vine is the 6 second video sharing application that came to Android in June 2013. Initially it had the market cornered and quickly became the most popular video sharing service on the web. Since then the powerhouse that is Instagram – among others – have done similar projects with sharing short video clips, but Vine certainly set the ball rolling.

    Since it first arrived, Vine has received a number of updates to add new features, but the video length still, always, remains at 6 seconds. It's now rocking a sleeker design than the days of old and has added new features like a loop counter and account milestones. Vine-ers can view their friends videos within the dedicated Android application, but the wider world will get to see them on Twitter.


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    How to save your Vine videos before they disappear

    Vine is going away. Here's how to download all of your loops in video format! Twitter is doing some housecleaning, and is [getting rid of its Vine social network in the process](/twitter-shutting-down-vine-video-sharing-app. On January 17, the app will no longer allow users to upload new Vines,...

    Vine to shut down app 'in the coming months'

    Vine is nearing its final loop. Twitter-owned video sharing app Vine has announced it will be shutting down "in the coming months." The social network built entirely on sharing and viewing auto-looping 6-second videos has been around since 2013, coming in and out of popularity independently of...

    Twitter videos can now be 140 seconds long

    Twitter is now allowing anyone to upload longer videos to their accounts. The new video length limit is 140 seconds, compared to the older limit of 30 seconds. Twitter's sister app Vine is beta testing a way to upload videos up to 140 seconds as well. Now, everyone can post videos up to 140...
    Vine's new 'watch' button gives your fingers a rest from scrolling

    Vine's new 'watch' button gives your fingers a rest from scrolling

    Vine is pushing out a new feature that should make binge-watching your favorite channels much easier. Coming along in the latest update to the Vine app is the addition of a new "watch" button that allows you to start playing every Vine on a channel with one tap. Essentially, the watch button...

    Vine now supplies you with beats for your looping videos

    Vine is allowing its user base to add music to their loops. Featured artists will supply the beats to add a new dimension to your submitted content. Once you've finished capturing a new video on your smartphone, which in itself is now easier with the new Snap to Beat feature, the network will...
    Vine app

    Vine now supports 720p video viewing from the Android app

    Vine now supports higher-resolution 720p video as viewed from the Android app, with video uploads for that same resolution coming soon for those users. Vine announced the new higher-resolution videos in a blog post, adding that they will be viewable on both their iOS and Android apps "over the...
    Vine's latest update will let you undo that tragic mistake

    Vine updated with video trimming and undo

    Vine for Android has seen several significant updates over the past few months, and the latest brings improved editing tools to the party. The app, now up to version 2.5.0 sees the following improvements: A new button on the bottom left to access your camera roll Preview videos of any...

    Latest Vine update lets you see how many times videos have looped

    Have you ever wanted to see just how many times that funny body popping video has been viewed (or looped/repeated) on Vine? Now you can with the latest changes made to the popular service. Vine has rolled out updates to its Android, iOS apps as well as its web platform to introduce loop counters...
    Galaxy K Zoom Vine app

    Samsung Galaxy K Zoom gets zoom-friendly Vine app

    With the Galaxy K Zoom now on (selected) store shelves in the UK, Samsung has taken the wraps off a specialized Vine app for its latest phone-camera hybrid. The customized app will allow mobile videographers to use the K Zoom's 10X optical zoom capabilities in their Vines, a feature missing...

    Vine updated with Vine Messages - direct video conversations with your contacts

    If you're a Vine user and have been wondering when they'd be expanding their services, today is a good to check for updates. In an updated dubbed their biggest update since launch, Vine has now introduced VM's or Vine Messages if you prefer. Vine messages are one to one. You can send a Vine...

    Vine doesn't want to be the source of porn on the internet, changes terms of service

    When you step into the playground, you follow the rules of the owner Making a move towards keeping its service family-friendly for all, Vine is revising its rules and terms of service to completely ban the posting of "explicit sexual content." After reiterating that the Vine community and...

    Vine update adds video drafts, new clip editing options

    Two more tools to make the best Vines possible Everyone's favorite 6-second video making app Vine is receiving an update today that helps you create even better videos. The first new feature is called "Sessions," and its basically a drafts folder for videos. You can take portions or complete...



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