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TripIt Travel Organizer – Free

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  • Vendor: TripIt, Inc.
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If you travel pretty much ever, you need to take Tripit along with you. Full stop. There simply is no better way to organize your flights, hotel stays, car rentals, meetings, whatever. You just sign up for a Tripit account, feed it your itineraries — either manually or by letting it lurk in your inbox — and it takes care of the rest.

Tripit intelligently scans your emails from the airlines and ingests, sorting your trips and keeping everything nice and orderly. It then helps you get to the airport on time, keeps your confirmation number handy, helps you find your flight, and whether it's on time, or if it's time to keep up your feet for a bit. Just arriving? You'll get layover information. Need directions from the airport to your hotel? Done, with full Google Maps support.

A number of other services have support for Tripit as well, though at times there are hiccups. Either way, between the organization and the push notifications, Tripit is and app you can't live without if you live any of your life on the road.


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Never get lost in an airport again. Air travel is often frustrating, as we all know, but TripIt is doing its best to smooth out the experience with a new feature in its app that takes airport maps to a new level. Its new in-app airport maps not only give you a top-down view of the entire airport...

TripIt update adds Android Wear support, slightly refreshed app design

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TripIt for Android gets a major redesign

TripIt — a must-have travel app for anyone who leaves home more than once a year — tonight got a major redesign in its Android application. It's being touted as a "new card view," and it is, we suppose, insofar as you swipe left and right between items now instead of scrolling and taping back and...
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TripIt brings Seat Tracker service to Android app

Don't get stuck in the middle seat for a long flight again Popular travel service TripIt is adding one of its best "Pro" features, Seat Tracker, to its Android app today. The new feature leverages the fact that TripIt manages your flights for you and therefore can autonomously scan for open or...
Tripit for Android

Tripit update now shows trips you've already taken

I've long raved about the merits of Tripit for those of us who travel frequently. It's indispensable for keeping track of flights, hotels, car rentals -- everything, basically. (And it's available in free or paid form, which is a plus.) But until now it's only really kept track of upcoming trips....
Tripit for Android

Tripit gets significant redesign for Android tablets, phone version tweaked, too

Tripit easily is our favorite app for frequent travelers, and it's just gotten an pretty significant update for tablets as well as phones. On the larger screens, there's a new layout that includes interactive maps and multiscreen views. Trips and points accounts all share space on the main screen...
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A quick look at TripIt for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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Tripit now available for the Kindle Fire

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TripIt Travel Organizer – Free

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