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SwiftKey Keyboard

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Keyboards are a dime a dozen these days. But the one that keeps us coming back is SwiftKey. That's as much for its ease of use as its legendary prediction algorithms — its "Fluency Engine," which helps your phone seem to know what to type before you do.

Prediction was always SwiftKey's bread and butter — for years it was leaps and bounds better than Google's stock keyboard, or SwiftKey's arch rival, Swype. Today, it's picked up features made popular by its competitors — the "Flow" swiping method for typing, for one — added cloud sync so you never lose your customized predictions, and it's easier than ever to tie it in to your Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts, so SwiftKey can learn even more about what and how you type.

In 2014, SwiftKey shook things up again by becoming a free app, adding emoji, and offering up various themes, available via an in-app purchase.


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SwiftKey Flow

SwiftKey Flow gets a new beta with more predictions, easier corrections

Swiftkey today unleashed a new version of its beta-only SwiftKey Flow keyboard. Corrections are easier, predictions are more prevalent -- and it's basically just more awesome.  Hit up the VIP forums to get your download on. We've got the full changelog after the break. Download: Swiftkey Flow...
Android Central

SwiftKey Flow beta updated with performance improvements, bug fixes

Four weeks on from the original SwiftKey Flow beta launch, a new version of the app is available. The new version of the trace-enabled keyboard features improved performance, as well as fixes for a number of bugs identified over the past month -- Flow-through-space autocommit: if you...
SwiftKey 3

SwiftKey 3.1 brings new theme, languages

We might be all about SwiftKey Flow these days, but it's still in beta, and SwiftKey 3 lives on in full release. Today the uber-popular Android keyboard been updated to SwiftKey 3.1. Here's what's new: New Berry theme New languages: Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Hindi, Hinglish, Irish,...
SwiftKey Flow

What's the music in the SwiftKey Flow promo video?

We've had more than a few people ask about the music playing in the background of the SwiftKey Flow promo video (including some of us here at Android Central). So, we asked SwiftKey. The track's called Energy, and it's from Michael Craig and Oliver Godfrey. You can download it from AudioNetwork...
SwiftKey Flow

SwiftKey Flow now available – we go finger-on

It's been interesting to watch the continued evolution of Android keyboards. Google's didn't start getting decent until the last year or so, but it lacked the excellent prediction of SwiftKey or the trace input of Swype. SwiftKey could read your mind, but Swype had -- well, Swype. The latter half...
Android Central

'Flow through Space' video appears, offers a new look at SwiftKey Flow

SwiftKey has already announced their new Flow keyboard and started sending off word that beta invite emails will be imminent, but aside from the original video released, we've not seen a whole lot of it in action. That changes today. Pay particular attention to the space bar here. That appears to...
Android Central

SwiftKey aware of Android 4.2 upgrade issues

You might've read about this issue in Phil's latest column, or experienced it first-hand if you've upgraded to Android 4.2 on a device with SwiftKey installed. In any case, some SwiftKey users are finding that after upgrading to the latest version of Android on Nexus devices, the keyboard is...
Android Central

SwiftKey adds Australian English dictionary

Good news, Australians -- no longer will your unique contributions to the English language go unnoticed. SwiftKey has announced that it's added full Aussie dictionary support in the latest version of its leading SwiftKey 3 keyboard app. SwiftKey says Assues are 30 percent more likely to use the...
Android Central

SwiftKey 3 and SwiftKey 3 Tablet now half off

Yet another app sale for the Thanksgiving / Black Friday weekend is SwiftKey. Both smartphone and tablet versions of the custom Android keyboard are half off - $1.99 a pop.  For those unfamiliar, SwiftKey is a highly respected Android keyboard replacement that emphasizes predictive suggestions...
Android Central

SwiftKey Flow brings trace input to leading Android keyboard

SwiftKey has announced a brand new version of its popular keyboard app for Android, dubbed SwiftKey Flow. Launching "soon," SwiftKey Flow will bring continuous input -- similar to what's found in Swype and others -- to SwiftKey, while retaining the personalized prediction tech for which it's is...
SwiftKey on the Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has SwiftKey prediction built-in

One of the Galaxy Note 2's best features may be one of its most hidden A funny thing about SwiftKey. We've questioned, in the past, its strategy of forgoing deals with manufacturers to be preloaded onto devices (like Swype chose to do) and instead relying on Google Play downloads. It seems it's...

Swiftkey looking for users in San Fran, NYC, and London to talk on camera

The folks at SwiftKey are looking for a few people that want to get in front of the camera and tell the world about why they use SwiftKey. They're looking to do a series of short videos featuring users in San Francisco, New York City, and London, and have put out the call. There's plenty of...

SwiftKey's 2012 survey results are in - here are some highlights

Remember back in June when SwiftKey had a contest with Mobile Nations that offered three tablets as prizes to survey takers? The results are in, and some of the data looks pretty interesting.  Granted, the sample size and demographic make these results a bit skewed compared to a survey given at a...
SwiftKey Analytics

Swiftkey launches Swiftkey Analytics to VIP's, want to analyze how you interact with the app

SwiftKey is somewhat of a favorite around these parts, and already this week we've been treated to an update filled with new features and themes. Today though, for their VIP Forum's members anyway, comes the opportunity to help the developers in their work by downloading the SwiftKey 3 Analytics...

Swiftkey update brings new summer themes, voice typing and bug fixes

Swiftkey, one of the most popular Android keyboard replacements available, has released yet another great update for us to all enjoy. One of the most notable changes is the inclusion of two new visual styles, Sky (blue) and Fuchsia (pink), which the SwiftKey team is calling summer themes. In...
Android Central

Don't mention the Olympics, but SwiftKey has language pack updates for the Olympics

The Olympic Games kicks off in London in just a few days, and popular keyboard replacement SwiftKey is getting in the mood by launching updated language packs for the Olympics, while making sure not to directly refer to the games so as not to anger the London 2012 brand police. Y'see,...

SwiftKey updated with Jelly Bean compatibility and bugfixes

Another app getting an update today with some Jelly Bean compatibility is SwiftKey Keyboard. While it worked on Jelly Bean before, the update did introduce a few bugs and this release serves to squash those and a few others such as predictions not appearing in popups as well as some UI issues that...
Android Central

SwiftKey 3 keyboard gets update with bug fixes

If you're using SwiftKey 3 for Android on your phone or tablet, you'll want to hit the Google Play Store and grab the new version of the popular keyboard app. The first update to SwiftKey 3 fixes a couple of problematic issues that users may have been facing, related to character mapping...
Android Central

SwiftKey updated to version 3 and packed full of features; developers also announce SwiftKey Healthcare

The folks at TouchType have made SwiftKey 3 official, and available today in Google Play. Many of us have been keeping an eye on the beta version, so we know just how well this Android keyboard works and the great features it has. If you're not part of the beta testing group, here's what to expect...
Swiftkey on XKCD

Swiftkey gets the XKCD treatment

Swiftkey -- the Android Central 2011 Editor's Choice for third-party keyboard -- today has received an honor most of us can only dream of, having been immortalized as an XKCD comic by the genius Randall Munroe. The comic actually centers on the Swiftkey 3 beta, the shining feature of which is the...


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