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SwiftKey Keyboard

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Keyboards are a dime a dozen these days. But the one that keeps us coming back is SwiftKey. That's as much for its ease of use as its legendary prediction algorithms — its "Fluency Engine," which helps your phone seem to know what to type before you do.

Prediction was always SwiftKey's bread and butter — for years it was leaps and bounds better than Google's stock keyboard, or SwiftKey's arch rival, Swype. Today, it's picked up features made popular by its competitors — the "Flow" swiping method for typing, for one — added cloud sync so you never lose your customized predictions, and it's easier than ever to tie it in to your Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts, so SwiftKey can learn even more about what and how you type.

In 2014, SwiftKey shook things up again by becoming a free app, adding emoji, and offering up various themes, available via an in-app purchase.


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Microsoft reportedly acquiring SwiftKey for $250 million

Microsoft acquires SwiftKey, pledges continued development of Android app

SwiftKey has confirmed the acquisition, stating: Microsoft's mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Our mission is to enhance interaction between people and technology. We think these are a perfect match, and we believe joining Microsoft is...

SwiftKey adds support for Android Marshmallow and its new emoji

The SwiftKey keyboard app has now updated its consumer version for Android users, which now officially supports Marshmallow. It also allows Android 6.0.1 users to access the new emoji that come included with the OS in the SwiftKey app. This feature was added to the beta version in December....
SwiftKey beta for Android gains new stats

My SwiftKey Stats heads to SwiftKey beta to show your signature emoji and more

The latest SwiftKey beta introduces a new stats panel for users to find out even more information about their usage of the keyboard. You've been able to see how many keystrokes you've saved, and some other details, but now the company is looking to provide even more insight on usage habits. With...
SwiftKey brings new emoji to its beta app

Latest SwiftKey beta adds support for new emoji... if you're on Android 6.0.1

SwiftKey, the popular keyboard replacement on Android, has updated its beta version to bring initial support for the new emoji that came in Android 6.0.1. Unfortunately, if you're not on Android 6.0.1, you won't be able to make use of the new emoji until your phone receives the update. Those who...
Android figurines

Android History Interview: Developer Roundtable

Intro Pre-history Early days Making it big Transformed Samsung rises Jelly Bean Era Everywhere The Third Age As part of our Android History series, we jumped into a Hangout on Air with a couple of developers who have been creating things for Android from very nearly the beginning of the...
Swiftkey Symbols

Swiftkey Symbols helps those with special needs communicate using images

Swiftkey's latest beta app to come from its Greenhouse initiative is an interesting tool to help non-verbal people with special needs communicate. Called Swiftkey Symbols, the app leverages Swiftkey's prediction engine to help users build sentences using hand-drawn imaged from a set of...
SwiftKey adds Pinyin support and more

SwiftKey adds Pinyin support, makes typing improvements and changes to emoji panel

SwiftKey is pushing another update to its popular keyboard on Android which brings Pinyin support, typing enhancements and more. Earlier this year, SwiftKey added Chinese language support to the keyboard, and now it is expanding upon that. Additionally, it has added a light and dark mode for the...

SwiftKey 6.0 lands in Google Play with double-word prediction, 34 new themes and more

SwiftKey 6.0 is now out of beta and available as an update for SwiftKey users through Google Play. This update is a big one, and brings some great new features to the already awesome keyboard. In this, you'll now have double-word prediction, meaning that SwiftKey will try and predict not only...
SwiftKey Beta

SwiftKey Beta 6.0 adds word prediction improvements, new emoji panel and more

The popular SwiftKey virtual keyboard for Android is conducting an open beta test for its 6.0 update. It adds a number of new features, including some word prediction improvements and a revamped emoji panel. While SwiftKey has been working on better word predictions for some time, it is now...

SwiftKey debuts new neural network keyboard to offer smarter word suggestions

SwiftKey has released another Greenhouse project, this time its the first ever smartphone keyboard that uses an artificial neural network. So, how does this differ from their existing keyboard? SwiftKey is well known for its current keyboards, and its smart word predictions, but the company...
SwiftKey brings retro game characters to your fingertips with 5 new free themes

SwiftKey brings retro game characters to your fingertips with 5 new free themes

If you're a SwiftKey user with a penchant for retro video games, the keyboard's latest set of themes may be of interest to you. Starting today, you'll be able to head over to the SwiftKey theme store and download 5 new themes featuring iconic retro game characters that appear in the new movie...
SwiftKey for Android updates with Carbon theme and more

SwiftKey update for Android adds a Carbon default theme and a new settings interface

SwiftKey users will be able to download the latest Android update from the Google Play Store today, which offers a new Carbon default theme and the debut of the SwiftKey Hub. The SwiftKey virtual keyboard is a popular choice for Android smartphones, and today it's rolling out a big update in the...
SwiftKey Hexy

Hexy launcher is the latest from SwiftKey's Greenhouse incubator

The second release for SwiftKey's 'Greenhouse' innovation incubator isn't a keyboard — it's a launcher. If you're looking for a new launcher to try out, a new one's available today from a slightly unlikely source — keyboard guru SwiftKey. Hexy launcher — so named for the hexagon-style UI — comes...
SwiftKey's Clarity Keyboard Beta update fixes crashing on Samsung devices, more

SwiftKey updates Clarity Keyboard Beta with fix for crashes on Samsung devices, more

Swiftkey has updated its recently-released Clarity Keyboard Beta today with some fixes for a couple of particularly nasty bugs. The specific bugs addressed by SwiftKey in this update relate to crashing that would occur on startup when using the keyboard on Samsung devices, as well as a...

SwiftKey launches 'Greenhouse' endeavor with new Clarity keyboard

SwiftKey Greenhouse is a new place for the keyboard firm's experimental apps — the first of which brings even smarter autocorrect. The company behind popular keyboard app SwiftKey has announced a new hub for experimental software projects, dubbed SwiftKey Greenhouse. Greenhouse is designed to...
Swiftkey introduces Swiftkey Hub in latest beta update

Latest SwiftKey beta overhauls the UI, adds SwiftKey Hub

The latest addition to the SwiftKey beta is SwiftKey Hub, the new location for the most popular SwiftKey settings and content. SwiftKey, a popular keyboard replacement, has added a new feature in the latest beta update, SwiftKey Hub. What SwiftKey Hub does is move the most popular SwiftKey...
Swiftkey NCAA Themes

Swiftkey releases new themes for college basketball's March Madness

March Madness apparently means you get to show your team spirit with your... keyboard. Swiftkey has been known to release a theme or two for various events throughout the year, and here are there newest. Just in time for March Madness, Swiftkey has brought their first branded keyboard themes,...
OnePlus One update installs SwiftKey for you. Because.

OnePlus One's latest update installs SwiftKey for you, because bloatware

If you happen to own a OnePlus One, there's an update on the way that's going to bundle in the popular SwiftKey keyboard. Yep, the keyboard you could download for free from the Google Play Store will instead be installed for you (still for free) by an over-the-air update to CyanogenMod 11S....
Swiftkey in Chinese

SwiftKey keyboard now available in Chinese

SwiftKey has wrapped up the beta for the Chinese implementation of their custom Android keyboard, and now has Simplified Chinese, Tiawan traditional Chinese, and Hong Kong Traditional Chinese input options. The addition has required renewed prediction strength for full sentences, but includes...

SwiftKey wraps up a huge year with big plans for themes

The folks at SwiftKey had an absolutely huge 2014, filled with users all around the world who have no idea how they managed to use a smartphone before this app existed. Not only is SwiftKey a big deal with Android users, but with iOS 8 opening the doors to third party keyboard the app quickly...


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