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    Stitcher Radio for Podcasts

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    • Vendor: Stitcher, Inc
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    Stitcher is a longtime provider of podcasts, aggregating some of the best shows on the web. Or all the shows on the web, really. There are a whole lot of podcasts on the web, and Stitcher's got 'em.

    That's a good thing. And the Stitcher app, and Stitcher on the web, are both good things, and great ways to listen to podcasts.

    More: Get the Android Central Podcast on Stitcher

    There's one catch with Stitcher, though, and for us it's a pretty big one. Stitcher lowers the bitrate of the podcast you're listening to. So if you're sensitive to the quality of audio, you might want to look elsewhere. Otherwise, it's great for discoverability, and you should give it a shot.

    Stitcher also is one of the media apps you can use with Android Auto.


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    E.W. Scripps buys Stitcher for $4.5 million

    E.W. Scripps Company buys Stitcher for $4.5 million

    The E.W. Scripps Company will be purchasing podcast service Stitcher from Deezer. E.W. Scripps is paying $4.5 million for the service, and Stitcher's employees will evidently head over to the publisher's Midroll Media, which sells advertisements for podcasts. From The Wall Street Journal:...
    Stitcher on Android Auto

    Stitcher on Android Auto: Not my first choice for an in-car podcatcher

    Stitcher brings a world of podcasts to your car, and also a couple of headaches. Podcasts have seen a pretty major resurgence over the past few years — with the Android Central Podcast leading the way, no doubt — and so it's not a huge surprise that podcatchers are among the first apps to...

    Deezer acquires Stitcher, adding talk radio and podcasts to its collection

    Cross-platform music streaming and discovery service Deezer has purchased Stitcher. The company plans to aid efforts worldwide and break into the US by acquiring the podcast and talk radio service to provide more content on its own platform. Fear not if you already enjoy content through...
    Stitcher Radio

    Stitcher updated with unlimited past episode listening and Listen Later

    Stitcher, a major podcast app for Android, has rolled out a new update with a few solid features. The first is the ability to mark podcast episodes to listen to later. This is perfect for lining up the listening for your commute. Stitcher has also allowed unlimited listening on past episodes in...
    Stitcher Radio

    Stitcher Radio adds offline playback, new navigation drawer

    Automatic downloads of your favorite playlists to have available at any time Building off of its redesign earlier in this year, Stitcher Radio has added a big piece of functionality — offline listening of your playlists. You can now set any of your playlists to be updated in the background and...
    Android Central

    Creating beautiful and functional Android apps: an interview with Stitcher Radio's Tyler Pearson

    Stitcher Radio, one of the most popular news, radio and podcast apps on Android recently underwent a complete redesign. Lead Android developer at Stitcher, Tyler Pearson, was kind enough to take some time out of his day after the launch of the new app to talk to us. We had a chance to (virtually)...
    Stitcher Radio

    Stitcher Radio receives complete UI overhaul

    Stitcher Radio isn't a new app by any means, but it's been completely redesigned so extensively it might as well be considered new. It may have "radio" in the app name, but there's much more on offer here than just that. We took a look at Stitcher back in August and thought it was pretty good, and...
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    Stitcher review - a wonderful bottomless pit of talk show radio

    Stitcher recently added Facebook timeline integration to its talk radio app, allowing users to instantly share whatever it is they’re listening to, be it live audio streams or podcasts, to their social circle. Of course, the most excellent Android Central Podcast is available on Stitcher, but...
    Stitcher Radio

    Stitcher Radio updated with Facebook timeline integration

    A little while back, Stitcher Radio updated their iOS app with some new features and now they've finally arrived on Android as well. Many folks use Facebook each day and often spend a lot of time sharing music, podcasts and more with their friends. Given that Stitcher Radio is a great resource for...

    Stitcher Radio for Android updated with new features, bug fixes

    Stitcher Radio has been serving up podcasts and internet radio for quite some time now on Android but it's been a while since the app was last updated with a new subset of features. Apparently, it was all for good reason as there is a new update available right now that shows off some new features...
    Android Central Podcast on Stitcher

    Listen to the Greatest Android Podcast in the World on Stitcher

    Attention, people of the Internet! You already listed to the Greatest Android Podcast in the World. We know you do, because thousands and thousands of you download it every week. But we're also aware that more than a few of you are into Stitcher as your podcatcher. And that's awesome. Stitcher's...
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    Stitcher Radio introduces a new logo, visual design, and UI with their latest update

    If listening to a lot of podcasts and internet radio is your thing but you've yet to check out Stitcher, now is as good a time as any. The latest update brings quite a few changes to the table -- most importantly the UI as a whole has been revamped for a more fluid design. So what do you get from...

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