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    • Vendor: Pushbullet
    • Version: 17.7.20
    • Price: Free

    Pushbullet is a lightweight application which sends all manner of push notifications to your other devices or those of friends. Paired with a Chrome extension, Pushbullet can mirror all of your Android device's notifications on your computer, and even lets you reply directly to text messages without having to use your phone. Snippets of text, website links, images, addresses, files, and lists are the kinds of content currently supported by Pushbullet. Pushes can be sent directly through the system-wide share menu to one or all of the destinations hooked up to your account, while recieved pushes can also be in turn shared out through other channels available on your device. A full history of pushes, both sent and recieved, are accessible through your device and the web.

    If you're constantly sharing content with a few select people, or just need an easy way to get stuff bounced back and forth between your computer and your phone, Pushbullet is the ideal way to do it.


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    Best ways to use your Android phone with your PC

    Best ways to use your Android phone with your PC

    Make your Android phone interoperable with your PC. Getting your Android phone to seamlessly connect to your PC isn't as daunting as it used to be. There are several services that let you mirror notifications, reply to messages, and sync data between your phone and PC. Here are some of the best...
    Pushbullet introduces Remote Files

    Pushbullet now lets you access your files from anywhere with Remote Files

    Pushbullet has introduced a new feature for both free and paid users, Remote Files. With this, you'll be able to both browse and request files from other devices and have them pushed right to the phone you are using. You can browse and request any file, as long as the machine is on, so they don't...
    Pushbullet uninstall

    Pushbullet Pro pricing scheme is dangerously close to a shakedown

    I'll gladly pay for a good app and good services, even if they previously were free. But scare tactics aren't a way to earn my trust, or my money. It's not easy being an app developer. Folks don't want to pay for things. Piracy of apps remains a real problem. And many apps aren't just a thing on...

    Pushbullet moves premium features under new Pro umbrella at $40 per year or $5 a month

    Pushbullet has introduced Pushbullet Pro, its new subscription model that moves the premium features away from free users. Previously, Pushbullet and all of its features were free to anyone who signed up for an account, but that is all about to change. Starting December 1, Pushbullet will begin...
    Pushbullet adds new Marshmallow features in latest update

    Pushbullet adds Direct Share support and new permission controls for Marshmallow users

    Pushbullet, the popular files transfer app, has updated its Android client with support for several new Marshmallow features. The app now utilizes the new runtime permissions, meaning you can selectively grant or deny access to various requests from it. Additionally, Pushbullet has added Direct...
    Pushbullet adds end-to-end encryption

    Pushbullet adds end-to-end encryption for SMS, notification mirroring and more

    Pushbullet, the app which allows you to reply to notifications and messages on your phone from your computer, now offers end-to-end encryption for added security. With this, the information that is being transferred between your phone and computer is fully encrypted until it is received on the...

    Pushbullet brings full SMS experience to your computer

    Pushbullet, the popular app which allows easy communication between your phone an computer, has brought a full SMS experience to the desktop. Previously, users could access single messages and send replies, but now they can view all the conversations from their phone. With this, you can now...
    Pushbullet update adds messaging to its file sharing system

    Pushbullet combines messaging and file sharing in latest massive update

    Pushbullet has received its biggest update yet, which brings messaging to its file sharing platform. In addition to overhauling the design, the Pushbullet team has made a number of other improvements to the app on all platforms, adding even more functionality than it had previously. For the...
    Pushbullet introduces new Portal feature for file transfers

    Transferring files to your Android device just got even easier thanks to Portal by Pushbullet

    Portal is a new app from the team behind Pushbullet, which makes transferring files to your Android device extremely easy. With a large update for Pushbullet in the works, the company has just released a new app which aims to make file transfers even easier. Portal is the latest app from the...

    Pushbullet now offers desktop replies for Whatsapp, Hangouts, and more

    The Pushbullet notification synchronization tool now lets users compose and send replies via five different messaging apps. Those apps would be WhatsApp, Telegram, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and Line. Pushbullet picked up text message reply support several months ago. Four of those...

    Pushbullet update lets you send texts right from Chrome desktop

    The Pushbullet app and Chrome extension are combined make one of our favorite tools, and now you can compose and send SMS text messages through your phone, right from the browser. It's all relatively simple — sign in on both the phone and the browser and click on the little Pushbullet button in...

    Pushbullet gets a Material Design makeover with latest update

    Push notification service Pushbullet has steadily been gaining new features of late, with today's update bringing a visual overhaul to tie in with Android 5.0 Lollipop's Material Design guidelines. Here's a list of all the changes in version 15: Major redesign of the application Improved...



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