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    Good news, everyone! There's a pretty kick-ass app for following your favorite NFL team throughout the season. Watch the game progress live. Listen to the radio calls.

    Just make sure you're on Verizon.

    Yes, the NFL Mobile app is still annoyingly an exclusive for Verizon devices. But that's better than nothing, we suppose. And at least it's a good app. Scores. News and analysis. Videos.

    Plus you can shop for merchandise from your favorite team, order ticks, and of course there's Fantasy Football.

    Just make sure you're on Verizon. Grrrrr.


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    NFL Game Pass will let you watch the whole football season on-demand

    The NFL will soon offer a new on-demand video feature to users of its NFL Mobile app called Game Pass. With Game Pass, fans will be able to watch all 256 regular season games on-demand through the NFL mobile app, as well as on a number of set-top boxes. In addition to regular season games on-...
    NFL Mobile

    NFL redesigns mobile app, inexplicably blocks rooted users

    A whole bunch of good changes, and one bad one. Just as the NFL preseason kicks off, the NFL Mobile app for Android has received a serious facelift and also an unexpected issue for rooted users. On the design front the app looks and seems to perform much better than previous iterations, which is...

    So long, Verizon-exclusive NFL app: SiriusXM now streams NFL games

    Had a pleasant surprise during Week 3 of the NFL season. (Never mind that the Steelers blew it by letting the Raiders within a half-mile of the end zone, with ol' Sea Bass on the sidelines.) SiriusXM is now streaming NFL games live online. And that means you also can listen to them on the SiriusXM...
    NFL Mobile on Galaxy Nexus

    FYI: NFL Mobile finally working on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus

    Good news, everyone! The NFL Mobile app is finally working correctly on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. The app actually got its update fix last night, but the login was still borked for a lot of people. (Or at least us, and we count double.) Anyhoo, all is well, you should be able to log in, and just...
    NFL Mobile app

    NFL Mobile updated for Ice Cream Sandwich, will need another update to actually work

    Ahem. First we had to wait weeks for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Then we found out that the NFL Mobile app -- which is annoyingly exclusive to Verizon -- doesn't work. And finally, today, the app is updated for Ice Cream Sandwich. Only, guess what: It still doesn't work on the Galaxy Nexus. So let's...
    Super Bowl

    Super Bowl to be streamed to the NFL Mobile app on Verizon devices

    The NFL on Thursday announced that Super Bowl XLVI will be streamed to the web and mobile devices -- including the NFL Mobile Android app available on Verizon devices. Additionally, the wild-card games and Pro Bowl also will be streamed. You'll get the same features we've long enjoyed on Sunday...

    Verizon to offer free streaming of NFL games this weekend

     Verizon has featured the NFL Mobile app for some time, which allows users to view live streams of NFL games from the NFL Network. The service will run you $10 per month (on top of data), which is probably a barrier to entry for many. As such, Verizon will be allowing smartphone users to try the...

    Skype, NFL Mobile, and VCast apps won't be on Verizon Galaxy Tab

    Verizon is set to launch the Galaxy Tab on Nov. 11 for $599. If the price didn't shock you, this news might. A leaked Verizon training document states that the Skype, NFL Mobile, and VCAST apps won't be available at launch. While most of you couldn't care less about VCAST, it not being available on...

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