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    Motorola Connect

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    • Vendor: Motorola Mobility LLC.
    • Version: 2.09.09-315
    • Price: Free

    Motorola Connect is a support app for users of the Moto 360, the Motorola Power Pack Micro, Motorola Keylink, and several Motorola phones. This app serves two primary functions: provide data on accessories, such as the charge of your Power Pack, and as a support app allowing you to text from a computer with the Motorola Connect web app installed.

    When using Motorola Connect with a compatible phone — currently the Moto X, Droid Turbo, and Droid Ultra, Maxx and Mini line — and the web app of the same name, you can see phone notifications on your computer, as well as send and receive text messages. This can be handy if you're leaving your phone on silent while working on the computer at work or at home. Another perk of the Motorola Connect web app is that if you misplace your phone, Motorola Connect can ring the phone to help you find it.

    The accessory side of Motorola Connect allows you to see the charge on the Power Pack Micro, and allows you to ring your Power Pack Micro or Keylink should you misplace them. When using the Moto 360, Connect allows you to see the last reported charge and location, as well as update any of the included Moto watchfaces and your Moto Body wellness profile. The Moto 360 device page in Motorola Connect also gives you quick links to the Android Wear app and helpful support pages to help you figure out your new smartwatch. You can also rename the device's nickname in Motorola Connect or remove the device altogether.

    Motorola Connect was a Motorola-only app at its inception, making it difficult for Moto 360 users who were using other Android smartphones to take advantage of some Moto 360 features, but it quickly opened up to most smartphones and tablets. You probably won't be heading into here as often as you once needed to, but this is an app any 360 user and most Moto users should take advantage of. Preferably before someone decides to hide their Moto X in some dusty corner of the newsroom.


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    New faces, new features

    Motorola Connect update brings new watch faces, UI update and more

    Motorola Connect, Motorola's accessory control/customization app, is bringing some goodies to Moto 360 owners new and old with this weekend's update. The official change log on Google Play lists support for the new Moto 360, a 'more intuitive and easier to navigate interface', and bug fixes. Left...

    Moto Connect adds social sharing for custom Moto 360 faces

    Motorola's smartwatch app lets you share photos of your customizations for everyone to see. Moto Connect has always been good for those extra tricks on Motorola accessories, but the latest update adds a social component to your Moto 360 modifications. The app lets you modify the Motorola-...

    How to customize your Moto 360 watch face with Motorola Connect

    With the Motorola Connect app, custom 360 watch faces are a few clicks away The Moto 360 comes with a set of nice-looking watch faces. Chances are, there's something you like already built in to the software on your new watch. But (and there's always a but) I know nobody would complain if there...
    Motorola Connect

    Motorola Connect becomes a full-fledged app, will let you ping your phone

    Motorola Connect is great service, and now it's no longer buried deep in the recesses of your Moto phone's settings. The update brings an updated look and feel for the app, as well as actually making the app a, well, an app. Motorola Connect has been promoted to the apps tray, which will expose...
    Pushbullet and EvolveSMS now allow users to view and respond to SMS from their desktops

    Pushbullet, EvolveSMS bring Motorola Connect-like feature to all Androids

    Pushbullet and EvolveSMS are teaming up to allow users to view and reply to text messages on their Android phone from their PCs. The software are both in beta right now so it's not quite fully baked yet, but the promise behind this partnership is similar to what Motorola had delivered on the Moto...
    Motorola Connect

    Motorola Connect hits the Play Store as well, compatible with Moto's KitKat devices

    Updated Chrome extension supports rich notifications Yet another Motorola-specific app is making its way from being pre-loaded to now being managed on the Play Store, and this time it's Motorola Connect. Falling in right behind the move of Motorola Assist to Google Play, the latest version of...
    Motorola Connect

    Motorola Connect Chrome extension updated with cleaner design, bugfixes

    Important improvements to Motorola's first-party software for its new devices Motorola has just pushed out an update to its Motorola Connect Chrome extension to improve the overall look and fix several bugs. The Motorola Connect extension works in conjunction with software on one of Motorola's...

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    Motorola Connect