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    • Version: 1.9.52
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    As we all know all too well, opening links from within apps can be a painful experience. (Try doing one from Faceook and you'll see exactly what we mean. Blank pages stare at you while links are expanded, then opened, then finally they open. It's not good.

    Link Bubble tries to make things a little easier by opening those links in the background, allowing you to return to what you were doing while the page loads. It then gives you a little alert when the page is ready for viewing. Quick, easy and for the most part effective.


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    Link Bubble goes open source, to be rebranded as 'Brave'

    Link Bubble goes open source, to be rebranded as 'Brave'

    Link Bubble, a unique Android browser that was sold off by developer Chris Lacy late last year, is now open source after having received a number of updates in the past few months. Moreover, the folks that acquired the browser, Brave Software, have announced that the browser will be rebranded as...

    Link Bubble receives Material Design overhaul as it changes management

    Link Bubble, the rather unique web browser for Android, has received its largest update yet, as developer Chris Lacy says goodbye to the app. The update brings a number of big changes to the browser, one of them being an all-new Material Design overhaul. In addition, the update brings support for...

    Link Bubble updated with several improvements, bug fixes and Android Wear support

    Link Bubble is an awesome app that helps you surf the web better and now, the latest version has arrived on the Google Play Store. Released as v1.3, this update is pretty hefty on improvements, bug fixes and changes. We've got the full change log for you to look through but before we get into...
    Link Bubble

    Link Bubble updated with stability fixes, new translations and Pro feature trial

    Link Bubble is an awesome app that helps you surf the web better. In a nutshell, it can preload links from other applications so you aren't waiting for things to load in the foreground. We went over it all here, be sure to have a look if you're not familiar. Today's update makes a great app even...

    Link Bubble makes opening links in apps much less painful

    If you're tired of opening links from inside one app — say, Twitter of Facebook, to name two of the biggest offenders — and having to wait for it to actually open in its proper app, you need to give Link Bubble a shot. It handles the heavy lifting in the background while you keep on keeping on...

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