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    Jetpack Joyride

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    • Vendor: Halfbrick Studios
    • Version: 1.9.31
    • Price: Free

    Halfbrick is one of those studios that tends to pump out quality games that stand the test of time, and Jetpack Joyride is no exception. You've burst your way into a science lab, armed with a machine gun jetpack. Your job is to fly as far as you can, collecting coins and completing the goals laid about before you. Gameplay is simple: Just tap the screen to activate the jetpack. Fly or walk, it's your call, but you'll need to avoid lasers and missiles in the process.

    The game does a good job of being easy to play, but it still keeps you interested. There are lots of ways to customize as well, from different jetpacks to gadgets that will help you on your way. And you'll need to mix and match — some gadgets and upgrades are required for certain goals, others just make it easier. You'll purchase these upgrades with the coins you collect during the game.


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