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IMDb Movies & TV

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IMDb is the app that ended a thousand arguments about who REALLY played who in that one episode of that one show. Short for Internet Movie Database, IMDb is the go-to for quick facts and trailers for movies and TV shows while trying to sort out movie night, whether at home or at the theater.

The layout of the app is very similar to the website: you have the search bar at the top and on the homepage below you have the features trailers, current and coming films, and top news headlines. Scrolling through galleries and front page sections is smooth.

In search results for films and TV shows, you can find all of the copious credits, trivia, quotes, and reviews for the title in question. The only thing you cannot browse are the videos. You have "play trailer," and that is it. Hope it's the latest/best one.

You can get notifications in the app for desired films and other standard announcements, such as opening movies on Friday and movies on DVD Tuesday. The settings menu for these notifications are in-depth and highly customizable. You'll never forget to go see a movie again - and you can even buy tickets through it, too. If the movie's available through Amazon, it'll take you to Amazon to buy or watch it. Not exceedingly helpful on Android since we don't have Amazon Instant Video (yet), but you can at least add it to your watchlist for later.

Trailers and other videos in IMDb take advantage of immersive mode and play full screen at the quality you set during your first video - though it can easily be changed in the settings menu on the front page. The app uses the current Holo guidelines and slide-out menu. There is also a beta program through their community on Google+, for users to help give feedback and shape the future of the app.


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IMDb Movies & TV