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Part of your Google account is membership in Google's social networking (and more) site Google+. A lot has been said about Google+, both for and against, but to really get to understand what it is and how it works you need to jump in with both feet and give it a try. The app is already installed on your Android, and if you've already signed into your Android with your Google account for Google Play, you're ready to go and can just open it up and get started.

The social part is pretty much like you would expect. There's a timeline filled with posts from all the people you follow, where they have shared anything and everything. You can give the posts you like a "+1" and you can comment and interact with anyone you like. We've found Google+ to be (mostly) a friendly place and filled with people from all walks of life. And William Shatner's there.

Maybe the best part of Google+ is the built-in image hosting, sharing, and editing. As long as you keep your pictures under 2048MB, you get unlimited uploads each with it's own unique URL. There's also a proper image editor built right in where you can touch things up or get creative, and Google has features they call Auto Awsome that can create an animated .gif from a series of images, or make a highlight video from an event, or even add falling snow if the content calls for it. But don't worry — you can always undo any of this, and nothing is shared with the public until you say it is.

Google may use Google+ as a single tie-in for your Google account, but we think it's a great app and network in its own right.

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