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    Google Fit, announced in June 2014 at Google I/O, is the all-encompassing fitness and health platform for Google. The user-facing interface is the Google Fit app, which brings together data picked up from your phone, Android Wear device or approved fitness tracker that has been designed to export to Fit.

    The Google Fit app isn't the flashiest, but considering its Google's first attempt at this sort of thing it does its job. It tracks all of your movements through whatever methods you give it, lets you set goals and track your activity over days, weeks and months.


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    How Phil lost weight and got less fat with the Withings Body smart scale

    A smart scale won't do the work for you, but it makes keeping track of your daily weigh-ins so much easier. OK, let's get one thing straight. Knowing how much you weigh won't actually cause you to lose weight. The scale is just the messenger, right? But I've been a HUGE fan of the Withings...
    Google Fit

    Google Fit makes it easier to see your daily stats with new design

    Google Fit, the company's fitness tracking app, has recently received a pretty sizable update. Included in the update is a new look that helps show all your daily stats at once, an easier way to see how your weight is trending and more. You'll be able to see how you compare to other users in...
    Google Fit receives several new features

    Google Fit will now track your strength training, give instant insights to your activities and more

    Google's fitness app, Google Fit has gained some new features and functionality in its latest update. Included in this update is instant insights, a way for you to quickly and easily see all the stats of your activity. This means you'll be able to see your route, elevation, speed, pace and much...
    Google Fit on the Play Store

    Google Fit Integration, and why you want it

    A central point for your fitness data has arrived. Fitness apps have been around for years, showing us how to workout more efficiently and helping us to track everything from steps to calories burned. Google wants in on the action, to show us what fitness data should do. Google Fit is the...
    Galaxy S6 heart rate sensor

    New Google Fit update also addresses Samsung incompatibility

    Google's fitness app is no longer marked as 'incompatible' with phones like the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 4, as the long-running heart rate sensor bug appears to be fixed. If you've tried to use a Samsung phone running Android 5.0 Lollipop with Google Fit, you'll likely be aware of the long-...
    Google Fit will now keep you on track to your fitness goals

    Google Fit now tracks distance and calories burned to help you reach your goals

    The Google Fit app will now help you keep track of your fitness goals by estimating calories burned and distance traveled. Google Fit just became a lot more useful for people setting fitness goals. The app's latest update brings with it the ability to show you how close you are to reaching those...
    Galaxy S6 heart rate sensor

    PSA: Galaxy S6 heart rate sensor still causes issues with Google Fit

    Is your Galaxy S6 heart rate sensor lighting up whenever you touch it? Incompatibility with Google Fit is to blame, and there's an easy fix. Update, May 14 2015: The bug now appears to have been fixed. There's a well-documented issue with Samsung phones running Android 5.0 Lollipop, where the...
    Google Fit update brings support for over 100 new activities, improved step detection

    Google Fit update brings support for over 100 new activities, improved step detection

    The Google Fit app snatched an update today, and it brings a couple of new, nifty features. Along with the usual helping of bug fixes, the update also contains support for manual entry of over 100 new activities and experimental step detection when your Android Wear watch is disconnected from a...
    Google recruits developers in Fit challenge to create best fitness app

    Google recruits developers in Fit challenge to create best fitness app

    Google is on a quest to find the best fitness app and it is asking developers to help in the Google Fit Developer Challenge. The contest, which starts today, November 18, will run through February 17, 2015. As part of the competition, developers must build or update their apps using Google Fit...
    Nike+ Running

    The Nike+ Running Android app is the latest to support Google Fit

    The Nike+ Running app for Android is the latest one that works with the recently launched Google Fit. allowing users to tie in their running progress to Google's own health and fitness app program. Nike states in the change notes: To connect your Nike+ account with Google Fit, upgrade to...
    Google Fit integration speeds onto RunKeeper

    Google Fit integration speeds onto RunKeeper

    RunKeeper has updated its fitness app to bring Google Fit integration. From your Android Wear smartwatch, you can now see your pace and distance as well as use your voice to control the app, which can then be synced to Google Fit. Google Fit integration will allow you to integrate your workout...
    MapMyFitness adds Google Fit support in version 3.3

    MapMyFitness adds Google Fit support, activity feed, gear tracker in version 3.3

    Eager to give Google Fit a test drive? MapMyFitness updated its fitness tracking Android app today to bring Google Fit integration, along with a few other nifty little features. The addition of Google Fit integration to MapMyFitness will allow you to connect to other apps and effortlessly...


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