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    Fly Delta

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    • Vendor: Delta Air Lines, Inc.
    • Version: 4.8.1
    • Price: Free

    Fly Delta is the official Android application for Delta Air Lines. With it you can shop for and book flights, check in and change your seats, and use a mobile boarding pass to skip the kiosk altogether and go straight to the gate. You also can purchase seats in the Economy Comfort section and other Trip Extras, including in-flight Wifi (from Gogo), priority boarding and more.

    The Fly Delta app also will notify you of delayed flights, as well as of your arrival and connection information.

    And the Fly Delta app also works with Android Wear, so you don't even have to pull your phone out of your pocket. (how well your airport is set up for this is another question, however.)


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    Delta accidentally updates to a developer version of its Fly Delta app

    Delta Air Lines has (inadvertently, we presume) pushed an update to its Fly Delta app that actually is a developer version and won't let you log in. Here's how to fix that. If you've happened to update to the latest version of the Fly Delta Android app today and suddenly find that you can't log...
    Fly Delta 3.0

    Fly Delta 3.0 gives the airline's Android app a much-needed makeover

    Everything you need to fly is now in one convenient place Delta Air Lines today has pushed out version 3.0 of its Fly Delta app, bringing with it a much-needed visual refresh. You've now got a handy "Today" feature (tucked in a standard drawer along with a bunch of other shortcuts you'll want to...
    Android Wear boarding pass

    A smartwatch as a boarding pass is anything but first class

    We test out Delta's Android Wear boarding pass — so you don't have to We were promised the future. This this one square inch of real estate on our wrist (OK, a little more than that) known as Android Wear was promised to be the future of mobile, and the start of the wearables era. But when it...
    Fly Delta

    Fly Delta app updated with support for Android Wear

    The Fly Delta app got a big update today, and bundled in the list of changes is support for Android Wear. That gets us excited, but there are also some bug fixes and smaller features that we don't want to forget. What's New Fly Delta for Android 2.7.1 Support for Android Wear™ - once...
    Ads in Gmail

    Google put an ad in my Gmail inbox — so why don't I care?

    OK, it's a single ad. And it's semi-relevant to my interests. I am not outraged. I am not upset. In fact, there's a good chance that had we not received so many emails from folks wondering just who the hell Google thought it was, violating the sanctity of our inboxes with a sponsored email from...
    Delta App

    Delta Air Lines now automatically links your bags to your app

    Delta has updated their Fly Delta app to version 2.6, adding automatic bag tracking and removing the need to scan your barcode your self. All you have to do is tap the Track My Bags to watch the progress of all bags in your reservation. This update also contains a number of bug fixes. You can...

    Delta does Gogo Wifi on its first international flights

    Good news for you folks who just have to stay connected while winging it to Asia: Delta has launched its first Wifi-enabled flights from Atlanta to Tokyo, and from Los Angeles to Tokyo. The initial rollout is on the 747-400. Gogo expects to complete installation on the rest of Delta's...
    Android Central

    Fly Delta app updated to help keep track of SkyMiles status

    Starting today, those of us who play the frequent flyer game on Delta Air Lines need to keep track of what we're spending in order to make status for 2015. And to that end, Delta has updated its Android app to also show your Medallion Qualification Dollars, aka MQDs. Want to keep status next year...
    Phone calls on Delta

    No voice calls on Delta flights, CEO says

    A bit of good news today for those of you deathly afraid of someone making a phone call next to you on a Delta flight — it ain't gonna happen, CEO Richard Anderson said today in a memo to employees. "Our customer research and direct feedback tell us that our frequent flyers believe voice calls in...
    Fly Delta

    Delta Air Lines app updated for Android 4.4 KitKat fixes, throws in UI tweaks for free

    A quick heads up for those of you who spend too much time in the air — or just enough to warrant having this app, anyway. Delta Air Lines has updated its aptly named Fly Delta app for Android 4.4 compatibility issues as well as some unnamed bugfixes. (Could be a placebo effect, but it almost seems...
    Delta Air Lines

    You can now use electronics on takeoff and landing — so long as it's Delta's

    An interesting piece of news today out of a U.S. airline. Delta (which happens to be who I fly), announced that you'll now be able watch TV and movies and listen to music while you're on the ground, and on during takeoff and landing — but only if you're using Delta's seatback in-flight...
    Fly Delta app

    Delta updates its Android app with better international, seating features

    Delta Air Lines today announced version 2.1 of its official Fly Delta Android application, adding new features directly related to getting your butt in the seat and the plane on its way. Most important is that you'll now be able to purchase Preferred Seats (ie aisle and window seats, as well as...


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