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    Beats Music

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    • Vendor: Beats Music
    • Version: 1.2.7
    • Price: Free

    In early 2014 Beats Electronics launched its long-rumored streaming audio service, Beats Music. For $9.99 per month — after a free trial period — this subscription service aimed to set itself apart by focusing on curated collections of music, rather than the algorithmically-chosen playlists offered by competitors such as Spotify and Google Play Music.

    It also draws heavily on its position as a forward-thinking and hip brand, with music curation coming from well-known artists and groups in a variety of genres and styles. The red, purple and black branding synonymous with Beats headphones is strewn about through the Android app, furthering the tie-in with the Beats brand.

    The launch of Beats Music was accompanied by a few different special promotions, including a 30-day free trial and a deal with AT&T where a whole family could get access to the service for just $14.99 per month, with a full 90-day trial period.

    Though Apple purchased Beats in May 2014, the music service has continued to exist on Android as well as iOS, with no indication that the app would ever become iOS-only. It continues to be a niche player in the streaming music game, with relatively low user numbers, though it has picked up a rather impressive following considering how young of an app it is.


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    Apple issues voluntary recall on the Beats Pill XL speaker

    Apple issues voluntary recall on the Beats Pill XL speaker

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    Beats Music

    Beats Music for Android updated with verified badges, sentence history and more

    Beats Music for Android has been updated to version 1.2. The update brings some changes to recommendations, the Sentence, and the social system. The new Tune Your Taste feature allows you to tweak what will show up in the Just For You recommendations. You can changes your favorite genres and...
    Beats Music gets a big update to version 1.1

    Beats Music update saves tunes to SD card for offline playback

    Beats Music has been updated for Android bringing some substantial improvements to the subscription music service. Now up to version 1.1, Beats Music brings a new landscape mode, the ability to save downloads to an external card, a refined 'Just For You' recommendations experience, improved...
    Beats Music

    Beats Music apps for Android and Windows Phone to live on

    In acquiring Beats Music, Apple will have its first non-iOS mobile applications under its control and importantly it looks like those apps will live on after the acquisition. According to Tim Bradshaw of the Financial Times, the Android and Windows Phone Beats Music apps are safe: Beats Music...

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    Beats Music app updated with new widget, social account linking and player improvements

    Although the Beats Music app wasn't the best out of the gates, they've realized some of the growing the pains along the way and listened to user feedback. A new update pushing through Google Play right now brings some requested social features but more importantly improvements to the music player...
    Android Central

    Rdio and Beats Music looking at adding Chromecast support

    Meanwhile Spotify doesn't seem too interested We're going to hear about a ton of apps with added Chromecast support in the coming weeks and months, but a couple of big names have already shown their interest. On respective Twitter accounts, both Rdio and the newly launched Beats Music both...
    Beats Music

    Beats Music review: Yet another music service, and one that still needs some work

    Beats is trying something new, for sure, but it's got room to improve Beats is a name that is synonymous with hip-hop music and iconic (and expensive) audio gear (and, at one time, HTC smartphones), but not exactly with streaming music. The company showed its intention of getting into the space...
    In Dre we trust

    Beats Music kills new sign-ups while they sort some bugs

    Current users can carry on as normal, also get an extended trial period You probably know Beats Music launched yesterday. With an Android app, 7-day trial and special deals for AT&T customers and all. It was a pretty big deal for Dre and his posse. Looking at user feedback around the...

    Fill your whole house with Beats Music on Sonos

    A quick heads up for any Sonos owners that might have taken an interest in the brand new Beats Music service; you'll be able to fill your whole house with as much of it as you can handle. Sonos already offers support for most of the leading music services out there, so we didn't for one minute...

    Beats Music launches in the U.S, AT&T customers get the best deal

    $9.99 a month for regular subscriptions, or $14.99 family plans if you're on AT&T We've been hearing of Beats Music for some time now, and today the new music streaming service finally launches to the world. Well, launches to the world so long as you're in the U.S. With the weight of Jimmy...

    Beats Music streaming service reportedly just months away

    U.S. launch on Android, iOS and the web 'within the next few months' It seems Beats Electronics' rumored music streaming service could become a reality sooner rather than later. Beats president and COO Luke Wood has told TheNextWeb that the Beats Music streaming service will be arriving for U.S...



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