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    BlackBerry Messenger — BBM — is BlackBerry's proprietary messaging system that for months and months was rumored to finally break away from BlackBerry and hit other platforms. It ran in closed beta for some time on Android. BBM then leaked out shortly before it was to be officially released — and it took BlackBerry's servers down with it. That pushed back the official launch date while those problems were solved.

    When BBM finally made its official debut, it quickly gained millions and millions of users on Android. (Anyone who doesn't regularly use BBM, however, continued to lambaste the service.)

    BBM also has made its way onto iOS and Windows Phone.


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    BBM gains Sticker Club and more in latest update

    BBM gains Sticker Club, PayPal account integration and more

    The latest BBM update for Android brings a number of new features to the cross platform messaging app. You will now be able to send BBM contacts money through a conversation by connecting your PayPal account. Additionally, BlackBerry is introducing a new BBM Sticker Club, which will gain you...
    BlackBerry Messenger update brings new privacy controls

    BlackBerry Messenger gets Material Design overhaul, new Privacy and Control Subscription

    BlackBerry Messenger's latest update brings along with it an all new Material Design, along with a number of new privacy settings and controls. Beyond the visual overhaul, BlackBerry has added a new Privacy and Control Subscription to BBM, which replaces the existing Timed and Retracted Messages...
    BlackBerry introduces BBM Connect Games for Android

    BlackBerry introduces social enabled games in BBM Connect Games for Android

    Android BBM users can now share game achievements and more with their contacts thanks to BBM Connect Games. While BBM is primarily a communication tool, it can do much more than just allow for users to engage in a conversation. Balancing the work-play life is something that BlackBerry has...
    Users sticking around longer for BBM than WhatsApp and Snapchat

    Users sticking around longer for BBM than WhatsApp and Snapchat

    New data shows that BBM retains more users than most other mobile messaging apps. Measured against 22 messaging apps, including WhatsApp and Snapchat, BBM held on to 93% of its users after 30 days. The app also experienced higher user loyalty after the 60 and 90-day marks than most apps,...
    BBM for Android

    BBM Protected now supports Android for more secure messaging

    BlackBerry is now offering its BBM Protected services to Android devices. This will allow smartphone owners to access a more secure enterprise-based version of its BBM messaging service. Here's how BlackBerry describes the new BBM service : BBM Protected offers an enterprise-grade secure...

    BBM for Android passes 100 million downloads

    BlackBerry has announced that BBM for Android has been downloaded over 100 million times from the Google Play Store. This milestone comes just 17 months after the launch of the app. BBM is now showing in the 100 million-500 million installs category. BlackBerry also notes that this is just a...

    BBM Custom PINs, Android Wear support arriving March 2

    BlackBerry has announced the arrival of new customization options for BBM. While in testing for awhile, tomorrow, March 2, will see the debut of custom BBM PINs. Also arriving tomorrow is BBM for Android Wear. [custom:mwc15] Announced today as part of MWC 2015, Custom BBM PINs will let you...
    BBM for Android now available on the Amazon Appstore

    BBM for Android now available on the Amazon Appstore

    Although this announcement might not mean a lot for BlackBerry users, it could come in handy when recommending others to download BBM. BlackBerry has now made BBM available through the Amazon Appstore. All you Android BBMers out there: the latest BBM for Android is now available on the...

    BBM on Android Wear is almost exactly what you'd expect

    Today at CES 2015, BlackBerry announced that Android Wear support will soon be coming to BBM, and we went wrist-on to check out how it works. And, well, it works almost exactly like you'd expect. You get all the appropriate notifications on your connected Android Wear smartwatch (in this...
    BBM Android Wear

    BlackBerry announces BBM support for Android Wear!

    BlackBerry has announced as part of its CES 2015 press event that its BBM messaging service is coming as an app for Android Wear devices. The company said it would be released "soon," but a specific date was not revealed. Integration looks pretty straightforward, including: Without...

    BlackBerry updates its BBM app with support for Android 5.0 Lollipop and more

    BlackBerry has released an update for its BBM messaging app for Android in the Google Play Store that adds, among other things, support for Android 5.0 Lollipop devices. Here's what's new and improved in the new BBM Android app update: Support for Android 5.0 Lollipop Send stickers in group...
    BBM update will bring Message Retraction, Timed Messages and more

    BBM update will bring Message Retraction, Timed Messages and more

    BlackBerry's instant messaging service BBM will be seeing an update across all OS platforms in the next few days. It has been available through BlackBerry Beta Zone for some users from a few weeks now and it now ready for everyone. The most notable new feature is Timed Messages which allows...


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