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    Angry Birds

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    • Vendor: Rovio Entertainment Corporation
    • Version: 7.8.7
    • Price: Free

    Angry Birds is one of the most popular games of the smartphone era, spawning not only a plethora of other mobile game sequels and spin-offs, but board games, plushies, animated cartoons and enough merchandise to make your head (and wallet) implode. In this, the original game, you fling birds at pig-created structures of varying difficulty in order to clear levels and reclaim the eggs the dopey green pigs stole.

    It’s a simple physics-based game with a number of birds in your arsenal, each with its own special power: the little blue one turns into three, the yellow one has a speed boost, et cetera. The game is simple and infuriatingly addictive. You’re always just that one degree off on that one bird from getting three stars.

    Angry Birds has been tapped for a few other franchises since then, like Rio and Star Wars (twice). The app is free, but you can pay for the 'Mighty Eagle' in order to get in-game power-ups that will help you win faster (cheater). Later versions also sported a paid HD version that eliminated ads. Like any game with in-app purchases, parents should keep an eye on kiddos if you let them loose with it, and remind them that while it is highly addictive, it is just a game and not getting that last star isn't the worst thing in the world. You also might want to remind yourself that, too, while playing.


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    Angry Birds Action

    Angry Birds Action! pinball-style game ties into the upcoming movie

    Rovio has released Angry Birds Action!, the latest entry in its long-running series. This game, which features pinball-style destruction gameplay, ties into the upcoming Angry Birds Movie. Rovio says: In the latest Angry Birds symphony of destruction, leader of the flock Red smashes...
    Angry Birds 2

    The first Angry Birds movie trailer deals with managing irritation

    The Angry Birds game franchise from Rovio may not be as popular as it was a couple of years ago, but that isn't stopping Sony from launching a big-budget CGI animated Angry Birds movie. The first trailer from the upcoming movie has been released, and it offers some back story on those birds and...
    Sonic Dash

    Angry Birds race onto Sonic Dash in an Epic endless runner takeover

    Sonic Dash has been enjoyed by millions of fans, and to celebrate the 100 millionth download across all platforms SEGA has teamed up with Rovio to bring across the Angry Birds crew. For a limited time only, players will be able to collect special Angry Birds Epic tokens to unlock three...
    Angry Birds

    Rovio flings Angry Birds into the realm of virtual reality

    Rovio, the studio behind the popular series of games Angry Birds, has shown off a version for virtual reality hardware. You read that correctly. Unfortunately, we're not sure if we'll ever be able to play it. The studio showed off a demo of the Angry Birds virtual reality game at the Rock in...

    Rovio to add local multiplayer to Angry Birds Go! so you can race against friends

    Rovio today announced a new mode for Angry Birds Go! The new party mode will enable players to race against their friends on multiple devices, all connected through Wi-Fi. Local multiplayer gameplay allows for a more competitive and social experience compared to playing against the AI. The...
    Stella POP aims to mix genres

    Angry Birds Stella POP! takes the birds into bubble shooters

    Rovio, makers of the classic Angry Birds franchise, are introducing the latest flinging game in their series heads into new territory: the bubble shooter, or rather the bubble flinger. Angry Birds Stella POP! follows the more traditional Angry Birds Stella released on Android last fall. It...

    Angry Birds Epic intros player-versus-player duels

    Turn-based fantasy strategy game Angry Birds Epic has a new player-versus-player system, complete with different leagues and leaderboards. Players gather in the arena on Terence's ship and have to defend their banner while attacking those of their opponent. Participating in league play unlocks...

    Angry Birds Star Wars II introduces Revenge of the Pork chapter

    Charge up 'dem lightsabers, Angry Birds Star Wars II has a free content update with 32 new levels on Mustafar and Geonosis. Those are all in the new Revenge of the Pork chapter, but you'll also find 16 new Master Your Destiny stages for those of you rocking the Telepod toys. For those of you...

    Angry Birds Transformers rolls out onto Google Play Store

    Children of the 80s will be pretty pumped to hear that Angry Birds Transformers is now available on Android. Not only is Angry Birds putting aside their well-known physics puzzle gameplay for a more action-packed side-scrolling shooter, they're also staying true to the retro charm of original...
    angry birds seasons

    Angry Birds Seasons plays with the NBA with new Android update

    Rovio continues to give fans of Angry Birds Seasons an excuse to check their game for updates. This week, the long running physics arcade game has added a new episode for the Android version called NBA Ham Dunk that's all about the National Basketball Association. Yes, the NBA is using...
    Angry Birds Seasons

    The Angry Birds pack their bags for a season in South HAMerica

    Angry Birds is the still super-popular puzzle game from Rovio and the company doesn't appear to be halting the flow updates any time soon with this latest release for Angry Birds Seasons. The content patch adds a bunch of new levels in South HAMerica (a spin on "South America", if it's a slow...
    Autobirds to rollout against Deceptihogs in Angry Birds Transformers

    Autobirds to roll out against Deceptihogs in Angry Birds Transformers

    Rovio has announced it's next Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Transformers. The developer is partnering with Hasbro to create not just a new game, but also a new toy line and set of licensed consumer products featuring the Autobirds and Deceptihogs. The game will utilize a new line of Hasbro's...


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