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  • Vendor: AgileBits
  • Version: 6.4.5
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Passwords are awful. We hate using them. To be effective, they need to be somewhat long, not use recognizable or easily guessable words or phrases, you need to not re-use them — and you need to change them often. There are a number of password managers available to help with this, and 1Password is one of our favorites.

The gist is that you let 1Password handle all the hard stuff. It remembers your passwords so you don't have to, and that means you can use as many characters of gibberish as you want, on as many sites as you want. 1Password securely stores everything (either locally, on a network or on Dropbox), and all you have to do is remember one master password.

1Password will help you create new passwords for sites, and it'll automatically store them. To log in, you just hit a key combination.

Away from your computer but need to look up a password or bookmark? There's an HTML form as well. And on Android, well, there's the excellent Android app.


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Best Password Managers For Android

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1Password launches subscription service, offers first six months for free

AgileBits has announced a new subscription service for its 1Password suite of password management apps. The cost of the service will be $2.99 a month and, from now until September 21, you can get the first six months for free. In a blog post, AgileBits stated that this new offering will give...
1Password for Families lets you manage passwords for your entire clan

1Password for Families lets you manage passwords for your entire clan

AgileBits, the developer of 1Password, has announced a new family program for the password manager. 1Password for Families allows passwords, secure notes, and more to be shared between up to five people for $5 per month, and you can add more people for $1 per person. With 1Password for...
1Password for Android gets Material Design overhaul, fingerprint unlock and more

1Password for Android gets Material Design overhaul, fingerprint unlock and more

Popular password manager 1Password has received a big update for Android, bringing along a redesigned interface, fingerprint unlock support and much more. Perhaps the most noticeable change in 1Password 6 is that the interface is now cleaner and more modern looking thanks to a Material Design...
1Password for Teams offers a simple, secure way to share group passwords

1Password for Teams offers a simple, secure way to share group passwords

AgileBits has announced a new, collaborative feature for 1Password, its password and identity management software. 1Password for Teams are a new way to use 1Password with groups of people, allowing you to easily share vaults and items with colleagues, family members, and friends. With 1Password...

1Password now playing nice with tablets on Lollipop

A quick heads up for you long-suffering 1Password users who also have a tablet running Android 5.0 Lollipop: The two are now playing nicely together. Go on and get the latest update and stop typing passwords manually like an animal. Download: 1Password for Android
1Password for Android

Reminder: 1Password premium features go on 30-day trial starting tomorrow

1Password made a massive update to their Android app earlier this summer, and though it's been free since June, tomorrow they start charging for a few things. It's worth grabbing now to get some of the premium features like creating new password/website combinations, editing what's currently in...

1Password 4.0 for Android gets a badly needed sprucing up with a new app

Premium features free till Aug. 1; app reverts to a reader after that OK, folks. If you've long been suffering the 1Password Reader app on Android, your day has come. There's an all-new 1Password app available today on Google Play, and you're going to want to get this one as soon as possible. (...
1password reader

1Password 4 arriving on Android early next month [Updated]

1Password 4 will be making its way to Android on Tuesday, June 10. The app, built for both phones and tablets, has been in beta testing since November. 1Password 4 for Android is a completely new app, rather than an update to the existing 1Password Reader app. As part of the release, AgileBits...

1Password 4 for Android is now in beta testing

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1Password app now available in Market

You Mac users out there (yes, we know there are a few of you) likely are familiar with 1Password, the uber-password management software. (For the uninitiated, 1Password securely stores your passwords. Learn more here.) Finally (finally!) it's come to Android (Version 2.1 and up). You're going to...

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