Our first look at Dead Trigger 2 at CES was great, and since then the game has come a long way. We met up with the guys from Madfinger Games at E3 for a walkthrough of a new gas station arena level.

Of course the zombie-infested first-person shooter is well-known for its excellent graphics, and they're now including dynamic reflections and shadows in addition the the already great water and lighting effects. Graphics aside, Madfinger emphasized that Dead Trigger 2 plays fundamentally differently than the original. For one, there won't be any premium-only weapons; you'll be able to get everything through a blueprint-based crafting system.

Secondly, there are a ton of interactive level elements to use in arena mode, including springboards that can send zombies flying into the horizon. There's also a kind of multiplayer element whereby five players will cooperatively work towards completing certain zombie-cleansing objectives in different cities around the world. It's unclear whether this will be live multiplayer or if each player will simply be contributing independently to a shared goal, but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. 

The storyline will be eked out over time through radio transmissions from the global zombie resistance organization, complete with a corresponding weekly missions. Dead Trigger 2 will have monthly content updates too, to make sure everything stays fresh through the endless march of undead. You'll also get your own hideout to kit out, though details on that front were skimpy. 

Dead Trigger 2 should be hitting Google Play in August and will be free-to-play. How many of y'all are still playing the original? Is Dead Trigger 2 shaping up to be something you want to play?