Whenever Google introduces a new version of Android, there's always a silent disclaimer to go along with it: few of these features will be available until developers add them to their apps. Well, one developer hasn't wasted much time showing what its implementation of one major Oreo feature will look like: AgileBits, Toronto-based creator of popular password manager, 1Password, has uploaded a proof-of-concept showing off the new Autofill API.

From 1Password's blog:

As you can see in the video, after navigating to the login page in the Twitter app, the Autofill Framework notified 1Password that there were some fields that could be filled. 1Password then responded by letting the Autofill Framework know it recognized those fields as a login form, but that it needed to be unlocked first. I was then prompted to unlock 1Password if I wanted to continue.

After I unlocked 1Password with my fingerprint, my example Twitter credentials were displayed in a dropdown provided by the Autofill Framework and automatically filled when I tapped on them.

It really does seem that simple, and I'm grateful, because auto-filling is one of the best features in 1Password today, but it relies on an accessibility hack that most people won't be willing to go through. Once O is widely-available such a feature will be a breeze to activate.

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