Cellcom Wireless

Cellcom -- a regional carrier out of Wisconsin is getting bringing some Android 2.3 love to their line up of devices. They confirmation came from Samsung and Motorola as noted on their Facebook page:

Android 2.3( Gingerbread) Update: We have been informed by Motorola that the Milestone X & by Samsung that the Galaxy S Showcase will both be getting an update to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). At this time there have not been testing timelines established, so we do not have any indication as to when the updates will be available.

With all these regional carriers getting ready to roll out Android 2.3, it all kind of makes you wonder what, exactly takes the big boys so long in their approval processes but alas, we've been down that road a good many times before and it's an argument that has no end.

Source: Facebook; Thanks, Aaron!