A fantastic value for money way to protect your Galaxy S5


If you're serious about keeping your Samsung Galaxy S5 in good condition, then you might well have considered a flip case. The added protection you get from having a physical cover over the screen when it's in your pocket or bag can be worth suffering through some mild inconvenience for. They don't need to cost the earth, either, as this effort from Amzer proves.

On the face of it – and indeed rather misleadingly in the box – this looks like Samsung's own S View case. By design, it is, but you won't get the special S View functionality through the window of this case. But, you do still get to see the clock, weather and pedometer information. You just can't do anything like launch the camera. The window on the case does allow you to swipe, but with limited functionality you're probably better served just opening the front cover.

The case itself is nicely done. We've got the black one here but it's also available in white or in hot pink. It's soft leather on the outside and felt on the inside, with a sturdy plastic construction round the edges and under the leather on the rear of the case. So it looks good and is strong enough to protect your phone.

The Amzer Flip Case also has a nice party trick, and that's being able to act like a kick stand and prop the phone up in landscape mode. Perfect for those impromptu Netflix sessions. The felt covering on the inside of the front cover gives just enough friction to stop the phone from slipping while it's propped up.

All told it's a nice case for the Galaxy S5 at an extremely good price. The soft leather feels glorious in the hand but it's a slight concern how long it'll last before signs of wear and tear. But it's so well priced it's definitely worth a look.

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