Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung's metal-clad Galaxy Alpha may not have an official release date in the U.S., but popular device importer Expansys will be happy to sell you one for a cool $699. That price is quite high, but shouldn't shock anyone who's bought a brand new device from an importer before. The over $700 after shipping you'll pay is getting you a global unlocked model with 32GB of storage, a nice metal frame and an octa-core processor.

Expansys naturally can't give you any guarantees of network compatibility considering that this device isn't made for the U.S., so be sure to do some research before you pick this one up and expect your SIM to get you full coverage. The white model is currently the only one in stock, with black, silver, gold and blue still sitting at pre-order status, but if you just have to have it, you can explore your options at the source link below.

Source: Expansys

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