µTorrent Beta

Following up on their previous offering of µTorrent Remote which allowed for you to have direct access to torrents being downloaded on your computer and control them remotely, the folks from BitTorrent have now finally delivered a beta version of their long await full fledged torrent client for Android. Considering that it is a beta, there is still some kinks to be worked out but overall the features they've included are pretty nice:

  • Find, download and seed torrent files directly from your device.
  • Add RSS feed subscriptions from BitTorrent or elsewhere around the web.
  • No speed or size caps on downloads (mobile data limits still apply)

That last feature is the one you'll mostly need to be aware of. If you download a torrent file, you're going to be downloading the size of that file plus, whatever it contains. In addition to that, you'll end up 'seeding' that file as well, which means you'll be uploading it for others all through your carrier offered data plan. If you don't have an unlimited data, that certainly could spell trouble for a few folks if you're not mindful. µTorrent Beta is live in the Google Play Store right now, for those interested in giving it a go.