Motorola Xoom

Looks like the price that briefly leaked yesterday for the British Wi-Fi Xoom was just a little too good to be true -- precisely £50 too good to be true, in fact. PC World updated its Wi-Fi Xoom pre-order page today with a price of £499.99, compared to the £449.99 that was listed for a couple of hours yesterday. The retailer says it'll begin shipping Wi-Fi Xooms to Brits during the first week of April, and that these lucky folks will be the first in Europe to own the device.

If you're holding out for the UK 3G version, the Carphone Warehouse says these will be arriving in April, and has a page where you can register your interest, through prices are still nowhere to be found. [PC World, Carphone Warehouse]


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Motorola Xoom to arrive in the UK in early April for £500


we dont need a competitor post Google with Android 3.0 and these new tablets have got the iPad2 in beatdown, and for steve jobs laughing at 100 honeycomb optimized apps, i dont think he knows its been out less than a week to be honest. Atleast weve got more than the ipad had in its first week. Also he claims the ipad2 to be a revolutionary and evolutionary step forward, theres nothing different exept its thinner and has a dual core, so theyve already lost in the hardware race by a few weeks :)

I hope this means we'll see a Wifi only Xoom in the US around then or sooner as well. At this point though I'm probably leaning more towards the Asus Transformer, Toshiba tablet or LG tablet.

DOA after the iPad2 announcement today, I hate to say. Only a blind Android nerd would pay more for this "fresh from the womb" device that requires a multi-year contract.

Xoom, the promising device that was killed by carrier greed.

well considering i live in the UK and will have a wifi only version for £500 ($800) but the USA wont pay that much, probably only $600, so what you just said makes no difference to me.

Are you serious? Can you even read? This is the wifi only version so no carrier contract in sight. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing new about the iPad other than a dual core processor. The reasons I haven't bought an iPad so far still exist.

glad to see someone agrees with me, every other tech news site other than this and phandroid are like omg iPad2 i want it now its so much better than the first, including ITV and BBC news in the UK, no news channels even talk about android because they know its far too advanced for them :P if it isnt just a screen full of app icons there not interested

"PC World updated its Wi-Fi Xoom pre-order page today with a price of £499.99, compared to the £449.99 that was listed for a couple of hours yesterday."

This really screwed up my head. I had to look at the title to make sure I wasn't losing my mind. I know sterling is different than the dollar, but I thought adding 50 to something increased it by 50. Seeing the 500 price at the top brought me back from the brink of spacial sanity :)