Galaxy Note 3

It's about that time. They are available right now if you're in Europe and can find one, and wider availability starts tomorrow. The US will be seeing them in just a few weeks, at the beginning of October. They're coming. We're talking about the Galaxy Note 3, of course.

They're big, and that means they aren't for everyone. But they do fill a spot that nobody cared about before, and Samsung owns it now. There is no better big-phone-that's-not-a-tablet than the Galaxy Note series for a lot of people. 38 million people, to be exact.

We know a lot of readers love their Note. I'll be honest — it's not for me, because it's just a little too big. But, the S Pen, especially the enhanced S Pen on the new Notes, is tech that I can get behind. Samsung nailed it, and if you've not tried it you're missing out. I'm voting undecided, because after I try the new Note 3 I may be able to deal with the size — you know how that goes, minds are easier to change than jockey shorts. 

So holler and let everyone know. There's a poll in the sidebar to the right, and we've embedded it after the break to make things easy to find. Vote. Discuss. 

Before we go, a look at last week's poll:

Do you edit photos or video on your Android?

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About a 50 / 50 split. I wonder how many people saying yes are using a Note to edit their imagery with?


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This week's sidebar poll: Are you picking up a Galaxy Note 3?


Yes, me too. But something tells me it's Samsung's ugly step child. It's supposed to release TODAY (9/25), and not a peep about availability or even pricing!

What gives??

I'm just going to go out there and say this Note 2 I'm probably the best phone I've ever owned. Note 3 is pre-ordered.

Agreed. Ive had a a lot of Androids and the Note 2 is hands down the best Android ever devised. The only reason I'm going to the Note 3 is to start the upgrade countdown started on my second line again..

The only reason I'm not is because I love my note 2. Oh that and I'm saving my pennies for a Thinkpad yoga.

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Can't do the polls with the app (I think) but when I get home from work my vote is going to be yes.

My mobile needs have changed and have 'outgrown' normal phones like the One, G2 and the like

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I thought about it, but I'm on Sprint and all indications point to the Note 3 only being able to use their 1900 MHz LTE band, with none of the 800 MHz or 2500/2600 MHz LTE radios.

Same here on the tri band. What a deal breaker. Guess I'll keep using my S3 with my C Pen. :/

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What's the big deal about it not being able to use the other bands? We just got lte here and I seriously doubt we will be able to even use the other bands. By the time we can the note 4 will be out.

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Lol yeah Jerry, you are correct. It's a solid phone with great specs.

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It sounds great but it's design is far too square and boring. Plus after having an htc one I don't know if I could go back to Samsung plastic

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Yes I'm getting myself one!! My GNex is on it's last leg. I'm surprised I've kept it for so long......Thank You AOKP!! The Note 3 can't come soon enough. SUCKS THAT I'M ON VERIZON THOUGH!!!! REALLY A WEEK AFTER EVERYONE ELSE GETS IT!?!?! THANKS VZ, YOU'RE THE GREATEST!!

That's interesting. I'll believe it when I see it. Also I didn't pre-order, I was hoping to just get it in-store on day 1.

I'm 80% sure I'm getting it. I'm waiting to see what everyone else is going to be offering during the shopping (Christmas) season.

I hope the Nexus 5 will bring the heat this year but I suspect the Note III will be the one for me.

What's with HTC not leaking any info on the Max? I will be buying the Note 3 in 6 days, and if HTC wants me to even consider the Max they need to leek some info.

I don't ever see a pole. Why can't you have a pole with the app? You'll get more votes.

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I'd like to, but the price is prohibitive. Maybe if it goes to 199 someplace. Although might look into Sprints new plan.

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Try T-mobile. They have it for $199 with their new no-contract plans. The only obligation is for the remaining price of the phone. And the plans start at $50.

I just traded my S4 for an HTC One. I loved my S4 but I have to say I really like this phone too. I definitely won't be picking a Note up on launch day but maybe in a few months.

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I am torn between the Note and the LG G2. I am switching from Sprint to the ATT GoPhone plan, so cost is going to be a big deal like a $200 deal between the 2.

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Yeeap. Getting it Oct. 4th once it comes out in Canada :) already bought a spigen case and screen protectors for it

I canceled my pre-order for the Note 3 when I saw the Sony Xperia Z Ultra! And I am now the happy owner of a shiny new C6833 (XZU) after 5yrs of owning Samsungs.

Having had a Note 2 for over a year, I'm pretty sure Sammy will find a way to muck up great hardware with crappy bloated software. Sure they have lots of cool shortcuts features and gestures, most that come at price of UI efficiency and battery life.

And the final nail in the coffin for me was hearing they decided to take a step back and use a PenTile display. Samsung just wants to push numbers as opposed to building a true bellwether device.

I think this is the best Android phone available, so I pre-ordered it.

- Fastest processor currently available, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor.
- More RAM than any other smartphone, 3gb.
- One of the biggest screens available 5.7" Super OLED 1920x1080 resolution.
- Improved 13MP camera.
- 4K video recording.
- Slightly smaller size.
- Improved material on back, better than shiny plastic. Buy a cover if you don't like it or buy an inferior phone that's prettier!
- S-Pen improvement with extensively optimized features.
- Android 4.3.
- Touchwiz. Doesn't bother me, easy fix, get a different launcher if you don't like it.
- Larger 3200mAh removable battery.
- 32GB/64GB on-board storage.
- Micro SD Card Slot expandable storage.
- USB 3.0.
- MicroSIM card.
- NFC.
- Bluetooth LE.

Your right, on the surface it is the absolute best phone there is right now. Nothing at all to complain about. I am buying it without a doubt, I jsut hope that the real world performance lives up to the hype.

The battery lasts 12-14 hours, the camera lives up to the potential, the bloat can be removed, and the lag that plagued the launch of the S4 is non existent.

I am going to be $300 poorer on October 11th (gotta wait for some extra spending cash) without a doubt, I just hope that nothing falls short

Yes! l've grown accustomed to the size of the Note 2 and now I'm loving it! At the end of the day it is not that uncomfortable to carry it around and I'm relatively small person.
l think Note 3 will bring some nice improvements over the Note Il.

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The Note 2 is the first smartphone since my Treo 300 that I've kept for a whole's that good.

It's so good that this time I won't be paying the "early adopter tax". If I do get the Note 3 it won't be until it goes on sale at T-Mobile for zero down because these phones are getting crazy expensive.

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I think you'll be waiting for a while. The Note 2 is still $99 down right now, and that's with the Note 3 coming out in days.

I will picking mine up on October 4 from Sprint.

I switched carriers from Sprint to At&t just to own the original Galaxy Note. When Sprint decided to carry the Note 2 I switched back and have been using what I believe is the best all-in-one device on the market since launch day.

Now when the Note 3 launches on October 4, I will be right there to once again own the only device to top the Note 2, in my opinion.

If all you need is a smartphone then LG, HTC, and even Samsung, make some really nice devices. But if you're in the market for an all-in-one device that has the viewing experience of tablet, the full featured productivity of a smartphone, and the smooth electronic handwriting capabilities to match that of a pen and paper, then only the Note series can do the job.

I think the phone is a beast but the price and the size I'm not sure I could get use to it I am leaning toward the G2 or nexus 5.

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If you don't mind sharing, does that price include the Galaxy Gear or just the Note off contract?

I'm not getting it, I'm waiting for something a little more elusive :)

But the wifey is dying to get hold of a blush pink note 3... With I could tell her when that colour comes out. She is driving me nuts!

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what to do... got the s3 now, really want to upgrade but not due till March on my upgrade... do I wait till March and sign new two year get the note 3 and pay 350 or sign up for one up and pay the monthly for a year and then upgrade again in a year with hopefully the note 4....... decisions decisions

I have the exact same dilemma. I have the s3. Want to upgrade to the Note 3. Upgrade not available til March. And I'm trying to figure out if I should just wait, pay $200 for early upgrade, or take advantage of the One Up. I think the One Up will be my choice. That way when the first year is up, it will be just in time for the Note 4. That way, if I want to upgrade the moment it's available, I can. Or, if I choose to just stick with the 3, I can do that too.

I have a Note 2, and the Note 3 seems like a slight upgrade over the Note 2. I spent $425 for the Note 2 back in January (after a $200 discount because of a trade-in), and I don't know if I can afford to spend that much on a slightly upgraded Note 3. Not now anyways.

I had the same dilemma with going from the SGS3 to the SGS4. I held off and didn't do it. Not enough of a jump to pull the trigger.

Then we got a whole new crop of phones that were enough of an evolutionary step forward (the G2, Honami, Note 3, Moto X, I am sure I am forgetting one as well) and the Note 3 features and functionality blew me away.

I truely have not been this excited for a phone since the SGS3, but I would not have been disappointed with a G2 or Honami. I have no bad feelings on the Moto X either, it just wasn't what I wanted (Storage blows too, just like the N4, until the exclusive is over)

I know it is going to be a N4 for me, and maybe a Nexus 5 for a backup/change/different purpose phone if it comes in at a great price point again and has a decent amount of storage this time (32GB or GTFO)

Similar sentiment here. Still very happy with my Note 2 and just not feeling the Note 3 is enough of an upgrade overall (really wanted a bigger screen size bump) to justify paying full retail price again (to keep Verizon grandfathered unlimited data). I'm content to wait for the Note 4 next year. :)

I am 80% on the Note 3, still looking at the Moto X. I desire to see the Nexus 5 and what it has to offer as I love the plain Android look and feel without all the VZW junk. So I am waiting for a couple more months reading reviews and customer reviews so I do not get a GNex with bad radios.

I'm good with my Note II for now. It'll get the update/premium package and be on par, software wise, with the Note III. I'm waiting for the next major iteration.

Currently have a Nexus 4 and HTC One. As I find I need less of a phone and more of a productivity device, the small screens and limited battery life is becoming seriously limiting. I've pre-ordered the Note 3 - expecting it next Thursday! Cannot wait!!!

Absolutely getting the Note 3. Monster specs, cool S-Pen features that WILL actually make life easier, too.

Waiting for the note 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.

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Nope! I'm sticking with my T889 Note 2, although I'm curious about the Mega 6.3.

What I'm really interested in, though, is the Galaxy Note 12.2 SM-P901.

I would ha considered either Mega if they had used better hardware. That screen alone turned me off.

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Note 1 user. Skipped the 2. Did not feel like an upgrade. Was looking forward to the 3 but will wait to see what the Nexsus 5 turns out like.

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For those of you waiting for the note 10.1 2014, I'd think twice. I dropped $500 on the galaxy note 10.1 original and do you know how "up to date" Samsung keeps it? Its still running 4.1.2..... No fault of the carriers on this, its a pure Samsung product and they can't even keep it updated yet they charge a premium for it. I won't be buying the new note 10.1 that's for sure. They have a piss-poor track record with keeping their devices up to date

Was all set to get the note3 & then that google video showed up with the dude holding the nexus 5. Think I'll wait around and see what that is all about.

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Waiting to see how the HTC One Max turns out when/if HTC announces it. If it's not great, I'll get the Note 3 and use the CM Installer

The HTC One Max is undoubtedly going to be a good smartphone/tablet. But it will not be in the same class with the Note line of devices.

What separates the Note from any other device is without a doubt, the S-pen. To those considering purchasing the Note, the S-pen is the difference. Taking nothing away from LG, HTC, the Nexus devices, and other smartphones, including those offered by Samsung, there simply is no other device on the market that equals the usefulness of the S-pen.

If a person is considering the Note without consideration for use of the S-pen then you're missing the point of the device. It would be like shopping for and buying a convertible, but focusing on how many cup holders it has.

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I would love to have the Note 3,but I'm not looking for a phone. I have the Note 2 and am loving it.

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I will upgrade to the Note 3 but I won't be paying the early adoptor tax to be the first kid on the block with the new toy. I will wait until the price drops or when third party retailers get it and discounts it.

From my Note 2 to you

Note 3, One Max, or Nexus 5. One of those 3. By the time Christmas is around, all these new flagship phones will be out. Prices will drop. Being a little patient will probably save you $100. I'm going to wait a bit until the competition really starts heating up. Can't wait to get off my iPhone!!

Already done the day Verizon started allowing preorders. Purchased it outright since my contract isn't up until the end of April.

Samsung sold 30 million note 2 I wonder if this beast can beat that but yeah I will get it with enough funds

I was gonna buy the htc one max ,but from what I have read it's only going to be a bigger version of the one ...I love that phone but it can't last my 12 hr shift without a recharge ..
Having already got the note 2, I decided to go for the note 3..
Pre ordered it from the car phone warehouse,it was due out on the 25 arrived Monday 23 Sep ...wot service ..
The phone is awesome people .. it's no bigger than the note 2,and the screen is awesome much crisper than the note 2..and it's mega quick too..
If you are on the fence ...go for it ,you won't regret it .

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This Notes 3 has all the technology I could dream of today, including 4K 30fps Video Recording,.... and USB3 allowing faster battery recharging..., not mentionning certainly the best Display in the industry today.
....But I saw it in real last Saturday in Paris, and its finish is even more UGLY than its predecessors. No way I can ever buy such a "cheap looking" device ! Just forget it Samsung, sorry, it is ugly !
I'll then certainly buy the Sony Xperia Z1, by default.... unless the rumored version of this Notes3 with new bended / flexible display announced next month as a limited series in Corea only, can solve this Look and Feel issue, and could be made more widely available to Europe very soon in 4Q13 ... But I understand the odds are very limited at this stage.

Yes mine is ordered and yes like many others here, it will have to work to replace the best phone I have ever owned, the Galaxy Note 2

Will stick with my note 2. Next device would be a nexus ( with sd card and massive battery whenever it comes out)

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Having owned a Nokia forever I was given the Galaxy Note 3. The size, for middle aged eyes, is brilliant. But it forgot to wake me this morning. So, my question - do I have to leave it on for the alarm to work? If so, what a weakness. The battery life is already not brilliant. On the whole, I'm happy but I will look back at Microsoft in a few years. If 'Nokia' had a larger phone I would have stuck with it - a real business tool. In the mean time, I will enjoy my Note 3.

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