Leaked Desire HD pricing

Since it was announced, the HTC Desire HD's pricing has been somewhat of an enigma for Europeans. Well, that is no longer the case as we've learned the Desire HD will run you €359 on contract with Vodafone, which comes out to just under $480 for those of us in the States. To get the phone off contract, you will have to pony up €519, or $691 U.S. No launch date or pre-sale information, but we are sure Vodafone would love to accept your money as soon as possible.


Reader comments

Vodafone Desire HD pricing leaked, €359 on contract


Wow! Are contract phones normally this expensive in Europe? This is the EVO 4G equivalent and its $200 on contract.

pretty much yeah phones in Europe are more expensive than in the US.

The DHD unlocked is 470 british pounds, which is $740. And im paying full price for this bad boy.

No not in the UK at least. I don't know about the rest of Europe but I know here in London I can get any new phone free on contract with the monthly fee which is £35/$55 a month on 18/24month contract....the 18month option is slightly more expensive.

These are the norms for those contract length and I don't know when last or if ever I have paid for a handset on contract.

You guys in the states really do get shafted a lot from the carriers :(

Of course its not the same, its the next step. Just about all technology is inferior to a potential predecessor within 1-3 months, but price points stay roughly the same. But even if DHD came out in the US tomorrow, it would not be $480 on contract.