Vidéotron, a subsidiary of Quebecor Media Company, today unleashed new airwaves on to the people of Québec. The wireless service provider's President and CEO, Robert Dépatie, is promising customers, "the best possible customer experience through one-stop shopping to make life easier for consumers. Not only is our offering highly advantageous in this respect but it is particularly attractive for our existing customers, who can get exceptional rates. We remain true to our policy of offering substantial discounts to customers who choose our service bundles."

To coincide with the launch of the new network, Vidéotron is releasing 12 handsets, including four firsts for Canada. One of those is Google's own bread and butter, the Nexus One. Along with the Nexus One, Motorola will also be on board, shipping the XT720. Both the Nexus One and Motorola XT720 will ship with Froyo. With these devices launching with Froyo from the get-go, Vidéotron will become the first Canadian provider to carry a phone with Froyo preloaded.

And for those of you still wanting to purchase the pseudo dead Nexus One here in the states, it is now available... again. It is now in stock again for you developers.[Canada News WireThanks, cracktight!


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Videotron initiates new wireless network in Québec; Nexus One to ship with Froyo


So does anyone know what kind of network these guys have? Are the bands the same as Rogers/ATT or are they T-Mo?

Which Nexus works there?

Definitely a AWS (1700MHz) network. Same as T-Mo and Wind. They bought all the band in Quebec so Wind wasn't able to acquire any.

Well this is definitely good news, although the phone plans themselves are advantageous only to customers who already have other Videotron services - for example, the evenings & weekends plan costs 10$ extra per month (from 25 to 35$) if I have no other Videotron services.

So in the end, the prices end up being exactly the same as on other networks (some more dollars for the plans, some fewer dollars for options = same price as other carriers). Still, good to see an AWS network in Québec, finally, and FINALLY someone in North America selling the Nexus One BELOW 500$ !!!! And Android 2.2 phones from the start.

Overall a good move, I might just switch so I can finally get 3G speeds on my mobile internet!