Samsung expands 'Multiwindow' and introduces 'Pen Window' on the new Note 3

One of the killer features of last year's Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was "multiwindow," a new capability that let the phone split its sizeable screen between two Android applications. Twelve months on, the Galaxy Note 3 has expanded upon these capabilities and introduced a new windowed app feature called "Pen Window."

Once you've created an app pairing using multiwindow, you can now scroll down the multiwindow bar and select "create" to save that app pairing. It'll then sit at the top of the bar, allowing you to instantly load both apps side by side.  In certain apps, like Messages and Gallery, you can even share content between apps directly — for instance, send a photo over MMS by dragging it from Gallery into Messages.

And Samsung's also introduced windowed apps to the Note series, with a feature called "Pen Window." Selectable from the S Pen's Air Command menu, Pen Window lets you draw a window on-screen using the pen, then populate it with one of a few supported apps.

Check out our hands-on video above for a complete walkthrough.


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Video: Multitasking on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Probably October-November like the Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus. Seriously folks, you should see the pattern by now.

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Yeah I really miss the stylus on my old Palm Treo...ahh, my first smartphone. Special place in my heart for that one.

The S pen offers: Bigger screen with no fat finger in the way. Precise control of a stylus plus hover control. Use the pen button to pull up app menu. Draw a multitasking window the size you want, where you want. Pulling the stylus out turns on the screen. Ignores accidental finger touches. Can't innovate my a$$!

I'll be preordering this one to replace my GS2

I think I'm beginning to like the Samsung product line, or at least a part of it... :-) The Note 3 certainly has some very interesting deatures!

Great preview of the updated multitasking feature for the N3. That stylus is really coming into its own! It is very functional. . . although still the N3 is a bit big for my tastes.

They will come. I am guessing they had more time with the note. Not to mention there are more features to learn about on the note than the z1

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Its one thing to see someone else use it but when you actually start to use the stylus there's nothing like it. You totaly feel justified for buying a note. The most used accessory with a phone is a pen so it makes perfect sense to have one attached to the phone. Plus I dare you to find a note 2 owner with any complaints.

Man I want this phone so bad the note 3 is so nice slick and one sexy phone to bad I'm stuck with t-mobiles s3 that keep restarting randomly

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