Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

If you're on Big Red and are itching to buy a 10-inch tablet, today is your lucky day, as Verizon is now offering the 10.1-inch variant of the Galaxy Tab 4 series. The tablet is available for $360 on a new two-year contract, or $460 if you'd rather buy it outright.

In terms of specs, the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 comes with a 10.1-inch 12800 x 800 display, quad-core 1.2 GHz CPU, 1.5 GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory, microSD card slot up to 64 GB, 3.15 MP camera at the back, 1.3 MP shooter up front, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, a 6800 mAh battery and Android 4.4 KitKat. The tablet is the LTE-enabled variant, and is compatible with Verizon's XLTE network.

Anyone interested in this tablet? What features do you normally seek out in a tablet with a large display?

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Verizon launches the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 for $360 on contract


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This still is not much better than my wife's 2 year old Tab 2, what gives Samsung? Have you decided that the budget market for tablets is worthless to invest in?

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12800 x 800 screen? Remove one 0 at 12800

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Looks like it's the only way to get an update on my Tab 2. I like the tab 2 but it might be time to get an newer version. As far as getting the money to pay for it? Click on the spam comment #3

Oh this is interesting. We have an iPad that is out of contract right now. Problem is I have to have filemaker & no filemaker on android. :(

No there isn't. Filemaker is a relational database. We transitioned to it when OSX came out and our CAT Data program from Chang Labs stopped working after OSX Classic was killed. Apple bought filemaker years ago; so, they aren't going to put it on Android. It is on Windows which makes the Win8 tablets so tempting. It is really unfortunate but I have a number of legacy custom databases that I made years ago and just can't get out of. I've looked into moving to new databases and paying someone to do it, but it just isn't done.

Well, I am not sure that getting a Samsung 10.1 Tab 4 from Verizon for $360 or $460 is a good deal. This tablet is available from Best Buy for $319, and from Ebay for $309. This is Samsung's low end 10.1 tablet anyway.

The specs aren't really spectacular either. A comparison with my 3 year old Xoom seems in order here.
Samsung Xoom
Yes, it has a quad-core, but runs at 1.2 Mhz. My Xoom does well as it has a dual core running at 1.7 Mhz.
Resolution 1280x800 Resolution 1280x800
The front facing camera is 1.3 Meg The front facing camera is 2 Meg
The rear facing camera is 3 Meg The rear facing camera is 5 Meg
The Samsung is running Android 4.4 My Xoom is rooted, runs a custom Android 4.4.4
It has 16 Gigs internal memory It has 32 Gigs internal memory
It has an external sdcard slot It has an external sdcard slot
It has a USB slot It has a USB slot
it has an HDMI slot
It has multiuser mode It has multiuser mode
multi-windowing is built in multi-windowing is downloadable
Built in wifi Built in wifi
Built-in Bluetooth Built-in Bluetooth
Built-in GPS Built-in GPS

There are quite a few good programs on the Samsung, but most of these, or their equivalents are available from the Google Play Store free or inexpensively

I'm not opposed to the Samsung 10.1 Tab 4, but I wouldn't buy one. I'd lose, not gain in the trade. If I were going to buy a tablet I might buy the Samsung 10.1 Note, Samsung 10.5 S, and would definitely be in the market for the Samsung 12.2 Galaxy Note (Because of the fine point capacitative pen).

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By the way, besides a tablet that has a camera with decent resolution, I'd love to have one with image stabilization. I don't often carry a hand held camera, but my tablet goes with me everywhere, and my hands shake visibly.

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