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Jared DiPane is a Jersey guy who is all about GTL. Gadgets, Tech & Laughter that is.

<p>Jared comes from a three-year tenure of owning a BlackBerry and finally decided to take the plunge and check out a new operating system. While only being 24, he&#39;s been toying around with smartphones for about 5 years and loves to keep up with the newest information and is intrigued by it all. When not being a geek on his phone you can catch him surfing the interwebs, and looking for some new tunes to keep him sane. Besides all of that, he&#39;s completely random and can be found on <a href="">Google+</a>, and his posts <a href="">can be found here</a>. You can e-mail him at <a href="'+String.fromCharCode(106,97,114,101,100,46,100,105,112,97,110,101,64,97,110,100,114,111,105,100,99,101,110,116,114,97,108,46,99,111,109)+'?'"></a>.</p>


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