Motorola Xoom

Following yesterday's price and availability announcement for the UK Wi-Fi Xoom, the Carphone Warehouse has updated its preview page with pre-order pricing and other info for the UK 3G version of Motorola's Honeycomb tablet.
Carphone has priced the 3G Xoom at £599.99 (~$960) SIM-free, a £100 bump from the Wi-Fi-only version. There's been no mention of any subsidized on-contract prices, however the retailer is sweetening the SIM-free deal with the inclusion of a free charging dock worth £34.99.
The shipping date has also been updated from "April" to "early April", so it'll likely arrive around the same time as the Wi-Fi version, which will ship during the first week of April. [Carphone Warehouse]
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cheburashka says:

"only" $960!

dajmeister says:

Compared to UK ipad prices it is on par. (its uk prices which are lame)

I just preordered my wifi xoom from dixons for £449 (10% off with the code HARDWARE10)

pattidatti says:

I'm a android fanboy. But why the hell can't oems be more like apple. There never is any sort of solid release date or price. They managed to get the date out with verizon, but what about the rest of the world? They know they want to release it elsewhere, but where is the info? Why do we have to depend on rumors and el-chains to provide us with dates and pricing. And to wrap up, get it to scandinavia. NOW!

ace060782 says:

Im so tired of the xoom and it's rumors I wouldn't buy anything from Motorola its a nice piece of hardware but giving my experience with Moto and there lies as far as updates and releases. If this was an HTC tablet I would jump all over it but not trying to get decieved by Motorola again they have seen the last of my dollars

That really sucks cuz i'm holding the xoom right now and its frickin amazing.

gregg37 says:

"updates and releases"

How many of us actually wait for updates???? Root baby root!

briankurtz79 says:

This is pretty much a google development device just like the nexus line. It will be updated.

Warpoet says:

Forget xoom bring B&N Nook Colour to the UK at reasonable prices and with GPS.