T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2

OK, folks. The long wait for T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to get Android 4.3 has finally come to a close. It'll need a few minutes of your time — and about 614 megabytes of your storage — but it's finally here.

Doesn't look like TMo has updated its documentation just yet (look for it here), but folks in the forums are sussing it all out as we speak, so head on over there to see what's what.

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Thanks to Andrew for the pic, and everyone else who sent this in!


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T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy Note 2 finally gets Android 4.3


Not Verizon either. My contract is up in February and I am thinking of moving to AT&T. Seems that VZ is always the last to do anything. And they do have the highest rates to go along with that.

I really want some lock screen widget love... Sadly Verizon update is no where to be found yet

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Same here. The original leaked road map for the 4.3 update said Nov. 29th for the GNII. That has obviously came and went. My wife's GS4 got the update right on the rumored date for that phone.

It's in the carriers hands. Once one gets it, it generally means Samsung is done and the carriers need to bloat it up

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Is your phone rooted? The update on Sprint has been pushed to everyone. I would take it in to Sprint if it hasn't updated. If course if they can't get it to update they will probably hard reset your phone before they think of replacing it.

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My wife's sprint note 2 also has not gotten it, it's a slow roll out so not everyone has gotten it yet.

If only this was the 4.4 update. This way I could use Google wallet nfc payments without rooting and tweaking my phone.

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I hope the update on Verizon fixes the Samsung Sync disabled problem. It would be nice to be able to sync the samsung and google calendars again. Not mention sync my tablet and phone.

Had used the Samsung calendar for almost a year putting in birthdays and appointments etc, then the last update broke sync. Samsung says Verizon did it, Verizon says ask Samsung.. been going back and forth with them on twitter.

Does anyone else have trouble with navigation on the note 2 [verizon].. mine will freeze, many times causing me to miss a turn. Even in urban areas [Houston, Dallas, Austin, Tulsa] it will think I am on an adjacent street, or it will suddenly think I became airborne and left a highway and am currently driving through buildings or on a side street.


I am now, but there is a lot of crap I would like to have without retyping from the Samsung calendar. In the app drawer the two calendars both are titled calendar with no distinction... what a pain. I did put a shortcut on for the google one recently

Meanwhile at Verizon...

"Are we going to push those GS3 and GN2 updates?"
"What?! Those phones are from 2012! I never look back."
"What are we going to do with these Galaxy Gear watches then?"
"Eh. Give them to people when they upgrade to the GN3 or GS5!"

Someone on Verizon got the 4.3 ota. It was captured and a rooted deodexed version is on xda. Not sure why only a couple people have gotten it unless it's just a soak test right now.

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It is lame for some companies upgrading their devices to 4.3 because users expect and hope to experience the newest android version on their devices .

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The Verizon Galaxy note 2 build is jss15j.I605vruemj9 and a kernel build date of November 19th, 3.0.31. It should be coming soon. Check out the Verizon galaxy note 2 forums on xda :-) Looks like the Verizon Galaxy s3 4.3 build is jss15j.i535vrucmj3, 3.0.31 kernel, but nobody has seen the build date of it from the guy who posted the pics of it, but it could be real.

I was really looking forward to this update... but so far, it has been disappointing to me. The update doesn't even include air command, and that was the only thing I was looking forward to the most. Yeah, everything is great and smooth. However I can't believe samsung didn't add air command to the update. SMH, super disappointing.

besides the update not having air command which is very disappointing. for some odd reason the update is not letting me customize my lock screen like adding widgets or adding shortcuts...

Got my update early this morning me and my bro both have note 2s and so far have not had any prpblems whatsoever except for the fact i was hoping for air command which i already knew it was jot coming since a few wks ago i do like the update seems to be smoother and faster and i do like some of the new and diff features thanks tmobile only a wk off


I updated my Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100) via official 4.3 OTA update (India) and have been facing serious battery issues since then. I have tried the following:

Disabling/uninstalling apps that were not important.
Uninstalled KNOX.
Disabled WiFi scanning all the time.
Changing display mode to Standard from 'Adapt'.
Factory reset.

And everything basic - reboot/killing apps etc etc.

What are my options now?


Hey Android Family!!!

I'm an owner of a Note II (Sprint) and received my 4.3 update early this morning 6am pacific time. No problems so far, runs smooth, fast, and cool display/design. I was really looking forward to the Air Command, but I guess I have to wait to 4.4 KitKat next year.

Anyways, happy not to be stuck to 4.1.

I have an unlocked AT&T GN2 that is currently running on T-Mobile. I'm wondering if I have to wait for AT&T to push out the update or can I use the T-Mobile update?

Also, if I have to wait for AT&T, will I have to put an AT&T SIM card (I have an unprovisioned one) to get it or will I be able to fetch it using the T-Mobile SIM?

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I am with Sprint...I received the update today for my note2!!! ! I have a friend thats a technician at sprint. I spoke with him 4 days ago and he said that the rollout is state to state. They are not doing it all at once because they don't want the system/network to crash! I'm in Atlanta so hopefully this info helps!