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T-Mobile's Galaxy Note 3 seems to be picking up the same update treatment as its Galaxy S5 did earlier today, with two different updates hitting devices depending on what version of software they're currently on. For those who were in a VoLTE market and received the first update to enable that service, a 25.79MB update is coming to bring you up to the most recent version, N900TUVUDNF4. If you didn't receive that update back in June to enable VoLTE, you'll be getting a 188MB download today to enable it, along with a few other small features.

Just like the Galaxy S5 update, T-Mobile isn't being entirely clear about what else has changed. We know the update brings Download Booster to the phone, which is great for those with unlimited data plans still, but beyond that we expect general "improvements" as T-Mobile says. These updates land alongside T-Mobile's announcement today that VoLTE is available "nationwide," which makes sense.

Have you seen the update hit your device yet? Go ahead and let us know in the comments.

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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 also receiving nondescript VoLTE-related update


Simultaneous data and voice over LTE, currently when a call comes data falls back to hspa.
May be better quality as well. Not sure about other advantages.

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Sure... Faster data while on a call. Imagine you are on a long conference call and want to parallely browse. Now you can use lte instead of 3g. I surely welcome this, I mean why not.

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Yeah currently not hopefully you don't have to own tmobile specific phones. I mostly use unlocked unbranded phones on their network. Currently I don't lose anything other than wifi calling which I don't need because I get awesome coverage in my area. Hopefully this is not like wifi calling that you need to have tmobile branded phones.

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Just checked and downloading the 188MB update.
I'm in the Phoenix area.
Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy Note 3

Yeah. I noticed while in a call it says HD Call.

I don't recall seeing that before this update. It's nice to have indication that I'm in an HD Voice call.

Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy Note 3

I have VoLTE and I am on NE6, I thought my version rolled that out to everyone.

I would like to know what these improvements are before I update and lose root. If it fixes the intermittent loss of data connection I have been having, that would be great.

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I noticed severe lag from the notifications panel, and download booster doesn't work for me either. The location icon changed too.

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I hate these updates. Since update call quality has gotten worst. Whether its a international call or a domestic call, other side voice keep cutting. I was hoping my note 3 battery draining issue will get fixed, instead keypad is lagging and bad voice reception.

Maybe it's the custom rom I'm running [Effortless ROM] but all the features added in this update are already included [Plus Unlimited 4G LTE Tethering] minus the lag spoken about. Download booster [works] Smart Network [Works and really extends battery life!] Virtual tour mode on the camera. Yeah, I think I'll pass on this update... And with the Note 4 now rumored to come out on September 4th, I see no need to change anything. http://www.androidauthority.com/galaxy-note-4-launch-412636/

Tried a voice call over LTE this morning.

I found if your LTE signal is at half or lower it won't run the call over LTE.

However, I tried it this morning where I have full bars in my office and it worked like a charm. Ran a speed test during the call and was still clocking in at 32.55Mb down.

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Well, the calculator is different. Has a green border and a green entry line for the total amounts.

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All these things people are saying are new in this update are from previous updates. That includes Download booster as well despite what the author said. DL booster, Kid's mode, the calculator, virtual tour, different icons, etc - all from previous updates. We've had this stuff since May on TMO Note 3. This update is just a VoLTE network improvement. No new features.

You must be the only individual with an update before anyone else apparently.

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No, these are all well documented. And every month since May someone who writes for Android Central writes a new article about how the Note 3 just got these features. There have been 3 post-KitKat firmware updates, one in May, one in June, and the July 31 one. All the features came in the May update and have been documented everywhere there are android articles and also by TMO and Samsung, not to mention multiple places on AndroidCentral. The later two updates only fixed problems with VoLTE.

I don't have virtual tour and I've checked for updates every week and never received an update until three days ago.

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