T-Mobile roadmap

If you're a T-Mobile customer or plan on becoming one in the next little while, you'll want to listen up. Roadmap for the rest of the year has popped up and it has quite a few upcoming Android devices on it.  According to the list, which was sorted by month -- here is what we're going to be looking at for releases:

That's it for the known, the rest -- is speculation based on the listings from the roadmap. HTC and LG play a big part here though. The LG “Gelato” Optimus II is suggested to be a follow-up to the successful LG Optimus line. While HTC is bringing the “Bresson” and “G-Infinity.” with the G-Infinity being the next device in line to follow the T-Mobile G - series of devices.

Of course, roadmaps don't always hold up over time. But we're willing to bet we'll see these guys sooner rather than later.

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Leaked T-Mobile roadmap includes plenty of Android


Wow, basically an October release for the Samsung Hercules?????!!! How in the.....That phone is a downgraded version of the ALREADY AVAILABLE GALAXY S2 for god sakes, and now we get to wait FOUR months for release in the US???

What are you talking about? None of the specs are downgraded from the currently available Galaxy S2, unless you count the lack of a tuner as in the Korean version, and some things are upgraded...namely a 42mbps capable radio, a 4.5" screen, and NFC (the UK version doesn't have this).

We still don't know how the MSM8x60 processor will stack up to the competition in a final build. Even if it is a little slower it won't be by much, unless 1 or 2 secs will make you rip out your hair cause it's too much extra time to wait compared to the Exynos. Spec wise this phone is equally or better than the SGSII.

Bah, no Nexus 3. Not surprised at all, however. They probably didn't even decide on the Nexus S until like September or August.

WoW too many handset running the same OS, and too many way to confus them customers. And after all, in three months,it`ll be anther new phones! WOW.... BASICALLY ALL RUNNING AND DOING THE SAME JOB. But people never be happy.

I don't understand why T-Mobile is getting all of these new phones when they are about to be gobbled up by AT&T. Also I would really like to see the HTC Sensation on Sprint rather than the EVO 3D (which seems to be the sister model for Sprint), and who's idea was it to eliminate the EVO's kickstand on the 3D update? This was a signature feature of the EVO 4G was it not?